Friday, December 28, 2012

P.S. Merry Christmas!

Home for the Holidays

I really love the holidays.  Going to Chicago for a whole week is a blast.  We get to spend some quality time with our families and try to see our friends as much as possible.  This year I think we were able to see almost everyone but it still felt like we were cutting some visits way too short.

We drove home Tuesday night after a stop for dinner in Eau Claire.  We ate at BW3's with Katie and Tyler.  It was great to see them and I cannot wait till baby McMullen is here, shouldn't be long now.  Its hard to have conversations when Rory is around but it was nice to catch up.  Rory was actually pretty good at dinner.  We then drove the rest of the way to Tim's parents house and arrived at about 1am.  Rory slept the whole way.

Wednesday was relaxing day.  We sat around in our PJs and did nothing.  Wednesday night the family came over for dinner.  Annie and Alex are so great with Rory!  Alex led Rory around by her hand all night.

Thursday and Friday Rory and I moved to my Mom's house to have a slumber party!  Thursday we hung out with Loni all day and then went to lunch with my Dad, Uncle and Grandparents.  I didn't get too many good photos because Rory was in CrayCray mode but I love this one!

Friday we went Nikki's house.  I loved seeing them but that visit was definitely too short.  As soon as we got them both down for a nap, it was pretty much time to go.  We did remember to get a photo of them though!  They are about 11 months apart, amazing how much kids grow in 11 months!

We then drove to my Mom's school and met all of her favorite students and teachers.  We hung out for the sing-a-long.  It was so cool.  Rory loved it but did try to run on stage a couple times.  She also loved just walking the halls of the school.  She would run down the hall then lay down in the middle on her back and laugh.  It was hilarious.  We also got to see Caleb and Amy!

Saturday was PARTY day.  We celebrated Caleb's first birthday!  And my Mom had a little get together at her house so everyone could see/meet Rory.  It was so nice to see everyone!  Rory did great at both parties.

Sunday was another day to just relax.  Monday we went to breakfast at my Mom's to see my Auntie Pam.

Christmas was fantastic!  We had so much fun with Annie and Alex and the whole family all day.  Dinner was great!  And the gift exchange was a success!  I had Marybeth and I think she was happy with her scarf, workout clothes and owl dish!  Andrew had me and I was thrilled with my Coffee mugs and Stoneware (and college sweatshirt to come).

Rory got some wonderful gifts!  Including a basketball net and a princess castle.  Autie shirts.  A Yankee t-shirt.  Owl Pjs.  Bath seals that sing!  And lots of other toys and clothes from everyone.  (There is a giant Mickey staring at me while I type this).  We are so thankful for everything and everyone!  I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season!

Rory and Tim before church on Christmas Eve
Rory opening her basketball net
...And Woohoo for 100th post!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

15 Month Check Up

I just realized I have been kind of slacking in the posting department this month.  Only 3 posts before this one.  One of my many 2012 goals is going to be to post more in 2013 then I did in 2012!

Rory had her 15 month check up last week!  This was the first appointment that she was pretty freaked out.  I have done everything I can think of to make the doctor's office a NOT scary place.  We talk about it, I woo hoo on the way in and I act like its a fun exciting thing we are doing. 

Well, guess what... it doesn't matter.  As soon as we walked into the check up room, Rory freaked out.  She screamed and cried and wanted none of it.  Then she calmed down.  Then the doctor walked in and she freaked out again.  Then she calmed down.  Then the doctor wanted to touch her and she freaked out.  Then she calmed down again.  Then the nurse came in to give her shots and she freaked out again. 

So much for having a daughter that isn't afraid of the doctor, but we'll keep trying!

Rory is leveling off a bit, but she is still tall and big!

We had a fantastic Christmas!  More to come on it later!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Off to Chicago...

I could not be MORE excited right now.  First of all Rory has her 15 month check up today and I cannot wait to find out how much she has grown.  Second, Tim and I are leaving for Chicago today for a whole week.  That means family and friends and Lox and Bagels!  I seriously can't wait.  Did I mention no work for 8 and a half days!

This holiday season has been so much fun with Rory!  This weekend we did a lot of nothing and preparing for the holidays.   I made each of us lunch on Sunday and we pulled up our high chairs/chairs to the tv and grumbled as the Bears lost.  Guess which one is Rory's?

We finished our holiday shopping and I am so excited about all my gifts.  Particuarly a little pair of shoes I splurged on for a special niece.  I hope she loves them!

Last night I went to a "holiday" dinner with the girls.  We ate at 112 and it was fantastic.  Ellen made us all the best gift ever, a photo book from the whole year.  Looking back at the year makes me realize how many fun things we did!  I am so fortunate to have these girls in my life!  I'm also extremely fortunate to have a husband that makes sure I can go on trips and out to dinners, etc.  He makes achieving a balance so much easier!

Friday, December 14, 2012

My 1 Day Cleanse Experience

I have always wanted to try a cleanse.  I like the idea of them.  A reset.  A jump start to eating healthy.  I have done a bunch of research on all the cleanses out there (there are SO MANY blogs out there with reviews) but was always afraid to pull the trigger.  Well, finally I decided to do just a 1 day cleanse and see what it is like.  I know I am not going to get huge results from a 1 day cleanse, but not eating solid food for 1 day and just giving my body a break sounded appealing.

My thoughts are that if I like it then I can do a 3 day cleanse after the holidays.

So after much research I decided to do Blue Print Cleanse.  Keep in mind, this is pretty expensive, but they had a good deal going on for Cyber Monday.  There are a couple others that I might try one day Life Juice and Cooler Cleanse.

So first of all the Blue Print Cleanse web site is easy to use, informative and hilarious.  Their sense of humor is fantasic and for that alone I was excited about this product.

You are supposed to do a 3 day prep.  I honestly didn't put much effort into this.  I kind of felt like since I only am doing a 1 day cleanse I didn't need it.  I might be paying for this later.

Here's what I ate yesterday (keep in mind they recommend only vegtables): Pumpkin Muffin, Tostitos and Guacomole, Celery, Beet Salad, 3 scallops and a glass of Sangria.  Not good at all!  I weighed myself this morning when I got up and I am 7.5lbs over my wedding weight (not good since I was 4 lbs over my wedding weight before last weekends cookie extravaganza, fyi - wedding weight and pre-baby weight are the same).

I drank the first juice on the way to work.  Its a green juice so it has a very earthy taste, but I didn't think it was too bad.  I finished it at about 8:30.

10:02 - mmmm, juice #2 is yummy!  I feel pretty good in terms of hunger.  I feel a little foggy, but I honestly don't think that has anything to do with the cleanse.

10:40 - Juice #2 is done.  Your kidding me that its only 10:40 and I can't eat all day!

12:35 - Opened Juice #3.  Its the same as #1 so nothing new there.

1:20 - Juice #3 done. Yuck.  I really wish I could eat a cookie.

2:19 - French Fries would be amazing right now.

3:05 - Juice #4 - Spicy Lemonade.  The whole time I am drinking this I am thinking about how to recreate it.  Who knew a little cayenne pepper in Lemonade would be so fantastic.

4:05 - Juice #4 done.  I have to pee for the thousandth time today!

Feeding Rory dinner was hard because I had to touch turkey, cheese, goldfish and bread.  It did make me realize how much I pick at her food when I am feeding her.  And of course I never log those little bites in my food diary.  I need to be more mindful of not grabbing a few goldfish here and there when I am feeding Rory.

6:35 - Juice #5 Beet Juice is done.  Thank God!  I made lots of gross faces while drinking this and Rory thought it was hilarious.  This juice is pretty nasty but gets a little better every sip.  Its bad but you can definitley power through it.  I think I would do the next level cleanse next time because the only difference is that they switch out this beet juice for another green juice which I like way better.

8:00 - Cashew Milk.  This juice is seriously awesome.  I was sad when I finished it in like 15 minutes.

8:57 - I gave in and had 2 sticks of celery with Frank's Red Hot Sauce (didn't finish everything on this plate). This is the only way I will eat celery by the way.

10:00 - Went to bed.  Not hungry at all, just wanted food because I can't have it!  I was scheming in my head to wake up at the crack of dawn and immediately run downstairs and stuff a muffin in my face.

I woke up this morning and felt really good.  I was actually bummed that I didn't have another day of juices and I chose to only do a one day cleanse.  I definitley want to do a 3 day cleanse next time.  Maybe in January after the holidays.

I weighed myself this morning and I lost 3 lbs in one day!  Goodbye cookie weight.  That puts me back at +4.5 wedding weight.

Today I plan on easing back into food like they suggest.  But I am going to be a little more liberal because I only did the one day cleanse.  So goal is no meat, bread or dairy.

Overall, this was a great experience and I would definitely do it again.  In all the blogs I read, the bloggers wrote that they learned a lot about themselves when they did their first cleanse.  I think this is absolutely true.  It makes you realize that you don't NEED that handful of goldfish or sugar cooke.  I got out of this exactly what I wanted, a reset.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Minnesota Children's Museum

Thanksgiving weekend Tim and I took Rory to the Minnesota Children’s Museum for the first time.  I wanted to take Rory for quite a while but Tim always told me that she was too young.  He was right, at 14 months she was probably just on the beginning range of being able to enjoy the museum.
I must admit that it is a little expensive.  For the 3 of us it cost $30 to get in.  Seems like a lot for an hour or two.  However, I do think it was worth it.  And I would love to take Rory one or two times a year.
The first room we went into was The Amazing Castle.  Rory liked being inside the castle and stacking the blocks but the rest of the exhibit was too old for her.  She crawled right into the royal garden and tried to eat the cabbage.

The next exhibit was Our World.  This was really cool.  The exhibit is a mini Minnesota including a bus, grocery store, restaurant and kitchen.  World Works was cool too but also too old for Rory.  They had a water zone area that’s going to be really fun when she gets a bit older.
Ball-o-Rama was the highlight for me and Tim.  They had some fun things set up with golf balls.  Rory loved it too but she mainly just wanted to throw the golf balls.  We are excited that she’s showing an interest in golf!

Habitot was the highlight of the museum for us.  The whole area was toddler friendly and Rory had a blast climbing up ramps and sliding down slides.  The carpeted slides seemed weird to me at first but they work really well.  Rory can slide down on her own and it goes really slow.  I love Tim's facial expression as he watches her.

Rory was able to appreciate Earth World a little bit, they have a giant ant hill where you can climb in and out of little caves.  She loved that.  Man those tunnels and caves are a tight fit for an adult though.  This ant is awesome because the way the legs come up she can't fall off, perfect for picture taking.  She clearly thought it was fun, what a great facial expression!
I must admit we were a little outraged at the rudeness of some of the kids we ran across.   There were a lot of kids that were oblivious to the others around them, only concerned with what they want to play with at that moment.  They were willing to knock a little 1 year old out of their way if they needed to.  At what age can you teach little kids to be respectful of those around them?  When do they understand that concept?  I am not going to pretend that my kid is going to be any different, but it sure was annoying.
Next time we have to leave our jackets and all bags in the car.  Carrying everything around was too much.  We left the museum totally exhausted, all 3 of us!