Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Minnesota Children's Museum

Thanksgiving weekend Tim and I took Rory to the Minnesota Children’s Museum for the first time.  I wanted to take Rory for quite a while but Tim always told me that she was too young.  He was right, at 14 months she was probably just on the beginning range of being able to enjoy the museum.
I must admit that it is a little expensive.  For the 3 of us it cost $30 to get in.  Seems like a lot for an hour or two.  However, I do think it was worth it.  And I would love to take Rory one or two times a year.
The first room we went into was The Amazing Castle.  Rory liked being inside the castle and stacking the blocks but the rest of the exhibit was too old for her.  She crawled right into the royal garden and tried to eat the cabbage.

The next exhibit was Our World.  This was really cool.  The exhibit is a mini Minnesota including a bus, grocery store, restaurant and kitchen.  World Works was cool too but also too old for Rory.  They had a water zone area that’s going to be really fun when she gets a bit older.
Ball-o-Rama was the highlight for me and Tim.  They had some fun things set up with golf balls.  Rory loved it too but she mainly just wanted to throw the golf balls.  We are excited that she’s showing an interest in golf!

Habitot was the highlight of the museum for us.  The whole area was toddler friendly and Rory had a blast climbing up ramps and sliding down slides.  The carpeted slides seemed weird to me at first but they work really well.  Rory can slide down on her own and it goes really slow.  I love Tim's facial expression as he watches her.

Rory was able to appreciate Earth World a little bit, they have a giant ant hill where you can climb in and out of little caves.  She loved that.  Man those tunnels and caves are a tight fit for an adult though.  This ant is awesome because the way the legs come up she can't fall off, perfect for picture taking.  She clearly thought it was fun, what a great facial expression!
I must admit we were a little outraged at the rudeness of some of the kids we ran across.   There were a lot of kids that were oblivious to the others around them, only concerned with what they want to play with at that moment.  They were willing to knock a little 1 year old out of their way if they needed to.  At what age can you teach little kids to be respectful of those around them?  When do they understand that concept?  I am not going to pretend that my kid is going to be any different, but it sure was annoying.
Next time we have to leave our jackets and all bags in the car.  Carrying everything around was too much.  We left the museum totally exhausted, all 3 of us! 

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