Friday, December 14, 2012

My 1 Day Cleanse Experience

I have always wanted to try a cleanse.  I like the idea of them.  A reset.  A jump start to eating healthy.  I have done a bunch of research on all the cleanses out there (there are SO MANY blogs out there with reviews) but was always afraid to pull the trigger.  Well, finally I decided to do just a 1 day cleanse and see what it is like.  I know I am not going to get huge results from a 1 day cleanse, but not eating solid food for 1 day and just giving my body a break sounded appealing.

My thoughts are that if I like it then I can do a 3 day cleanse after the holidays.

So after much research I decided to do Blue Print Cleanse.  Keep in mind, this is pretty expensive, but they had a good deal going on for Cyber Monday.  There are a couple others that I might try one day Life Juice and Cooler Cleanse.

So first of all the Blue Print Cleanse web site is easy to use, informative and hilarious.  Their sense of humor is fantasic and for that alone I was excited about this product.

You are supposed to do a 3 day prep.  I honestly didn't put much effort into this.  I kind of felt like since I only am doing a 1 day cleanse I didn't need it.  I might be paying for this later.

Here's what I ate yesterday (keep in mind they recommend only vegtables): Pumpkin Muffin, Tostitos and Guacomole, Celery, Beet Salad, 3 scallops and a glass of Sangria.  Not good at all!  I weighed myself this morning when I got up and I am 7.5lbs over my wedding weight (not good since I was 4 lbs over my wedding weight before last weekends cookie extravaganza, fyi - wedding weight and pre-baby weight are the same).

I drank the first juice on the way to work.  Its a green juice so it has a very earthy taste, but I didn't think it was too bad.  I finished it at about 8:30.

10:02 - mmmm, juice #2 is yummy!  I feel pretty good in terms of hunger.  I feel a little foggy, but I honestly don't think that has anything to do with the cleanse.

10:40 - Juice #2 is done.  Your kidding me that its only 10:40 and I can't eat all day!

12:35 - Opened Juice #3.  Its the same as #1 so nothing new there.

1:20 - Juice #3 done. Yuck.  I really wish I could eat a cookie.

2:19 - French Fries would be amazing right now.

3:05 - Juice #4 - Spicy Lemonade.  The whole time I am drinking this I am thinking about how to recreate it.  Who knew a little cayenne pepper in Lemonade would be so fantastic.

4:05 - Juice #4 done.  I have to pee for the thousandth time today!

Feeding Rory dinner was hard because I had to touch turkey, cheese, goldfish and bread.  It did make me realize how much I pick at her food when I am feeding her.  And of course I never log those little bites in my food diary.  I need to be more mindful of not grabbing a few goldfish here and there when I am feeding Rory.

6:35 - Juice #5 Beet Juice is done.  Thank God!  I made lots of gross faces while drinking this and Rory thought it was hilarious.  This juice is pretty nasty but gets a little better every sip.  Its bad but you can definitley power through it.  I think I would do the next level cleanse next time because the only difference is that they switch out this beet juice for another green juice which I like way better.

8:00 - Cashew Milk.  This juice is seriously awesome.  I was sad when I finished it in like 15 minutes.

8:57 - I gave in and had 2 sticks of celery with Frank's Red Hot Sauce (didn't finish everything on this plate). This is the only way I will eat celery by the way.

10:00 - Went to bed.  Not hungry at all, just wanted food because I can't have it!  I was scheming in my head to wake up at the crack of dawn and immediately run downstairs and stuff a muffin in my face.

I woke up this morning and felt really good.  I was actually bummed that I didn't have another day of juices and I chose to only do a one day cleanse.  I definitley want to do a 3 day cleanse next time.  Maybe in January after the holidays.

I weighed myself this morning and I lost 3 lbs in one day!  Goodbye cookie weight.  That puts me back at +4.5 wedding weight.

Today I plan on easing back into food like they suggest.  But I am going to be a little more liberal because I only did the one day cleanse.  So goal is no meat, bread or dairy.

Overall, this was a great experience and I would definitely do it again.  In all the blogs I read, the bloggers wrote that they learned a lot about themselves when they did their first cleanse.  I think this is absolutely true.  It makes you realize that you don't NEED that handful of goldfish or sugar cooke.  I got out of this exactly what I wanted, a reset.

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