Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Off to Chicago...

I could not be MORE excited right now.  First of all Rory has her 15 month check up today and I cannot wait to find out how much she has grown.  Second, Tim and I are leaving for Chicago today for a whole week.  That means family and friends and Lox and Bagels!  I seriously can't wait.  Did I mention no work for 8 and a half days!

This holiday season has been so much fun with Rory!  This weekend we did a lot of nothing and preparing for the holidays.   I made each of us lunch on Sunday and we pulled up our high chairs/chairs to the tv and grumbled as the Bears lost.  Guess which one is Rory's?

We finished our holiday shopping and I am so excited about all my gifts.  Particuarly a little pair of shoes I splurged on for a special niece.  I hope she loves them!

Last night I went to a "holiday" dinner with the girls.  We ate at 112 and it was fantastic.  Ellen made us all the best gift ever, a photo book from the whole year.  Looking back at the year makes me realize how many fun things we did!  I am so fortunate to have these girls in my life!  I'm also extremely fortunate to have a husband that makes sure I can go on trips and out to dinners, etc.  He makes achieving a balance so much easier!

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