Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas in Chicago...

I have the post Christmas blues.  Its not so much the actual holiday being over that gets me bummed but that we have to leave our family and friends and head back to Minnesota. 

We spent the first few days with Tim's family.  Enjoyed some Grandma and Pop, Aunt and Uncle and Cousin time.  This is the first year that Rory understood the concept of Santa!  It was fun leading up to Christmas to explain how Santa rides the sleigh to each house and bring presents and explain all the things about Christmas that are a given to even me!  


Christmas Eve Rory got to get all dressed up and go to church with the family.  We then stopped by the annual Christmas Eve party for a little while and still got an exhausted Rory to bed pretty late.

Christmas day we spent and my SIL's.  We had lots of cousin play time including some dress up!  It sure is nice to have older kids around that Rory can go off an play with!

We opened a ton of gifts!  Rory's favorite is her Figaro stuffed animal that she now sleeps with at night!  And My favorite is the Dunkin Donuts Chicago Coffee mug!

Thursday I went downtown with my Mom and Michael and Auntie Pam and we enjoy a great lunch!

Friday we went to the Children's Museum and Rory had a great time!

And we ended the trip hanging at my Mom's and got to see Nikki and Maddie for a couple of hours.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Dealing with Change...

Today is Rory's last day at her current daycare.  We decided to move her to Primrose School starting after the holidays.  I am excited and nervous and anxious about this change but above all I know that its a great decision for Rory!

I have always been someone who embraces change.  Change is fun.  Change can cause drama.  I like fun... and a little drama.  I usually don't get anxious or stressed about change. 

For some reason, this change was really hard for me.  And I think its because its not really a change for me, its a change for Rory.  And lets face it anything having to do with Rory involves heightened emotions.  For Tim and I we will drop Rory off at a different place, work with different teachers and experience a few other changes.  But for Rory her whole world will change.  Not just the physical environment will be different, the teachers the building, etc.  But the whole way of learning, structure of the classroom and daily routine will change.  I am anxious about how she will adapt.

I know you are probably thinking I am being dramatic.  And logically I know this.  I know that although this seems big now, in retrospect it will be no big deal.   But for some reason pulling Rory out of a place she is comfortable and thriving even if it is the best and right decision makes me have that anxious feeling in my stomach.  I told Tim I am going to get an ulcer over this.  

I think once today is over I will feel better. 

And the reality is Rory has adapted to every other change in her life like a rock star!

Rory knows that she is changing schools and is really excited about it.  At Primrose she will be starting Preschool.  So we have framed it that she is now a big girl and ready to start Preschool!  She keeps saying "I'm not a toddler, I'm a Preschooler." She visited the classroom and ran around the room looking at everything, washing her hands in the toddler-sized sinks and moving around furniture (there was a blue chair at the red table and she fixed it).  She loved it and didn't want to leave.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Rory's Big Girl Bed

This weekend was a big milestone for Rory!  She moved from a crib to a big girl toddler bed!

For some reason Tim and I were very apprehensive about this change.  We were certain we would find her in the middle of the night in her closet reading books or passed out in her rocking chair.  Although when we set rules she usually listens pretty well, I thought given a closed door and a room to herself we would be in trouble!

On my week off I cleaned out her room and "toddler proofed" it.  I took down her double bookshelf and put the top half with books in her closet.  I moved everything out of the room that could be an issue - medicine, nail clippers, etc.  We were officially ready for Rory to move to a big girl bed!

I took Rory to Toy R Us and got her all ramped up to pick out big girl bedding.  The great thing about Rory is you can really get her excited about anything!  A couple "Yays" and a lot of excited tones and I could get her pumped about throwing out a piece of garbage.  In this case I emphasized that big girls get new bedding and get to pick it out themselves.  She talked about her "new bedding" the entire way to Toys R Us.  She was pumped!

Side note - Toddler bedding was impossible to find at Toys R Us.  I found twin size bedding and baby bedding no problem, but the toddler bedding was tucked away in a section I was not expecting.

Anyway, Rory had the choice of Monsters U, Cars, Minnie, Mickey, Elmo.  All her favorites.  Her first instinct was Minnie and we went with it.  It was purple which matches her room so I was thrilled.

Tim and I let Rory stay in the room while we took the front off her crib and installed the bed rail.  Although Rory wasn't being too patient she was very interested and excited!  We made her new bed and she was thrilled to climb in and lay down!

We showed her how to get in and out.  Showed her that when she rolls the railing will stop her from falling out and we talked a lot about how Big girls stay in bed!

This is Rory fake sleeping for the photo!
 So night 1, we put her to bed and again emphasized that she needs to stay in bed and call us if she needs anything.

 Rory also has an "Okay to Wake" clock so she isn't allowed out of bed until it turns green or one of us comes and gets her.  It turns green at 7:30am and for about 3 weeks before we switch her bed she was waiting till it turned green till she called us to come get her.  One day I came in just before 7:30 and she was standing in her crib staring at the clock.  I asked her what she was doing and she said "Not green yet".    

I stayed close the first night and checked on her every 10 minutes till she fell asleep, which was only about a half hour.  She never got out of bed!  I was a little worried about the morning from when she wakes up till when the clock turns green, but when I walked in she was sitting in bed playing with her stuffed animals.

This is Rory really sleeping her first night in the big girl bed!
Nap and bedtime on Sunday she did great too!  NEVER got out of bed!  I'm so proud!  She even called us when she wanted water which was right on her dresser within her reach.  Hopefully this trend will continue, but I definitely consider this a successful transition! 

Next milestone is potty training.  I must admit I am dreading it a bit.  The plan is to do a potty party one weekend in January.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Honky Tonk Half with Nikki

This is me and Nikki finishing the Wisconsin Dells Honky Tonk Half last Sunday!  This was my 4th Half Marathon and it was so much fun.  Those are huge smiles for just finishing 13.1 miles  I felt more like this...

Although that pose is completely fake for the camera.  hee hee.  Does anyone else LOVE to pose for the camera during runs.  I think it might be one of my favorite things.  

I admit my left knee was bothering me much of the race so we did take it pretty slow.  Our time was not impressive, somewhere around 2:40, but really this half was just and excuse for a weekend with Nikki and a reason to train and keep running.   The highlight of the weekend was definitely the indoor Waterpark at Chula Vista, it was so much fun.  

It was a pretty cold day but it was fun to run somewhere that we didn't know.  It was a small race, about 500 people, but big enough that we were always running around other people.  I don't like when races are so small that it thins out too much.

Here's our BEST medal photo!  I can't stop staring at it.  The fact that we could jump after running 13.1 miles is pretty impressive to me.

I love this girl!  We had such a fun weekend.  Can't wait till the next one!  We've done casino and Waterpark weekends, what do we do next?

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rory 2 Year Photos

I never posted Rory's 2 year stats:

Here's the latest Rory Stats:
Weight: 34.5lbs (98%)
Height: 35.25 inches (90%)
Head: 19.52 inches (96%)

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend in Chicago!

Hello Everyone!

Tim, Rory and I went to Chicago last weekend and had a great time with family and friends.  We came in for my SIL Christine's baby shower!  We cannot wait to meet our new baby niece that is due in November!  And Rory is excited to be a BIG cousin for the first time!  

Rory got sick on Saturday so we had to take it easy so we missed most of our second party, the Rieder's Anniversary Party (Happy Anniversary!!!)  

We had to scramble around to figure out how to get Rory her nebulizer treatment.  She was feeling awful.  Her cold went straight to her chest, whereas normally it takes a few days before she needs her neb.  Took me by surprise and we were not prepared at all.

We got to go to Pumpkin Fest at Didier Farm's too.  Rory rode the rides for the first time and LOVED it.  (If you want to see the video's check them out here)

I even got to run 9 miles with Nikki in prep for the Honky Tonk half in October.

Here are some snapshots from our weekend!  I miss everyone already, can't wait till Thanksgiving!  

Rory did so good on the plane!  She loves her headphones.

Rory also loved the moving walkway to get to and from the C gates at O'Hare.  Who doesn't!

She had fun playing with Annie at Christine's shower.

We kinda dressed alike, I don't plan it but that happens ALOT.  I couldn't get her to take a good photo with me.

Some Photos from Didiers!

And needless to say, after all that.  She was exhausted.

We had a 4 hour delay on the way home, most of it on the plane, but Rory was a real trooper and did a great job.  We tried to get her to sleep the whole flight and she finally crashed on the descent into Minneapolis.

Lesson learned of the weekend... always travel with Rory's nebulizer.

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Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm calling the Playground Police!

So we have had 2 playground "incidents" in the past week that I honestly had no idea how to handle.   It feels important, like its a fundamental parenting decision that will shape my child forever.  Very dramatic, right?  I'm sure I'll read this in a month or a year and roll my eyes at myself.

Well, here are the 2 incidents...

One day last weekend we took Rory to Staring Lake Park.  They have a little treehouse that has 2 little benches.  Both little benches were occupied by siblings.  A 5ish year old girls and 3ish year old boy.  Rory climbed up and tried to go in the treehouse and the little girl put up her leg to block her and yelled NO in her face.  Rory started crying and screaming.  Of course, she's 2.  

A couple days later we were at the park by our house and a little boy (maybe 5) was passing her on the stairs and got in her face and growled at her.  She totally freaked out (who wouldn't) and started crying.  The little boy laughed and walked away.

So the question is do you say something to the kid?  The parent?  Do you just walk away?  Do you tell your kid to stand up for themselves?  Do you just use the incident to teach them proper behavior.  Do you threaten to call the playground police (That's what my mom would do)?    

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