Wednesday, January 30, 2013


On Saturday I took Rory to the indoor park.  It was the first time I've taken her since she could walk so it was a completely new experience.  First of all, it was so packed!  There were kids everywhere.  I really just wanted to stand on the side and let Rory do her thing and play on her own and with the other kids.  But at first she was really reluctant to go on the slide.  She would climb up like 2 "stairs" and then come right back down.  So I did it once with her.  I explained the rules.  Only go down the slide feet first, wait until the kid in front of you is out of the way and when you get to the bottom move out of the way quickly so the next kid can have there turn.  She went down with me once and after that she was unstoppable!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Why this video is Awesome...

1. Rory can say her own name!  This is very close to the first time I have heard her say it.  Hearing other people say your child's name when they are first born is so awesome, but hearing your daughter say her own name is 100 times better.

2. Do you see her trying to form the R with her mouth?

3. Rory can say the names of all of her classmates!  Not only can she say Cori but she can say Landon, BraElle and Eden.  I love it. 

4.  Rory's way of pointing to herself is to put her hands on her face.  No idea where she learned this but its pretty cute!

5.  Look how happy she is when she says my name!  Heart = Warmed!

6.  Her wave is so dainty! 

7.  That last laugh is totally unpromted!

What is your favorite part of this video?  Comment!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Holy Crap, I am such a Mom!

Yesterday I had a really good conversation with Rory's teacher Coreena.  I like her more everyday.  She is so sweet and patient.  She is also super honest with me which I love.  And she is clearly excited about Rory's development and when Rory learns new things.

So when I picked up Rory yesterday she had an incident report waiting for me.  Rory was bit on her left hand.  For the record this is bite number 4.  Yeah, really not happy about that.  I am positive that it was the same kid all 4 times, which actually makes me feel better not worse.  I'd rather have a serial biter then a biting epidemic.  Rory was playing with books at the book shelf and got too close to the other kid and that's why she bit her.  It was a space issue.  Coreena did ensure me that the problem was getting better and they were working really hard at it.  I trust them, I know that they have all of the kids best interest in mind and they are doing everything they can.

Can you see the bite mark on Rory's left hand?

I am pretty sad about it but on the other hand I recognize that the situation sucks for everyone.  Part of me thinks it would be harder to be the parent of the biter then the bitee.  And it certainly isn't easy being the teacher that has to tell a parent that their kid was bit.

So after we discussed this a few of Rory's issues came up.  Lately she has been screaming a lot when she gets frustrated.  And she has also been hitting her friends again.  She hits me sometimes too.  Its completely out of frustration of not being able to express herself.  And I know as she learns to communicate more it will get better.

It was nice to talk about it with Coreena and get on the same page of how to handle it.  She showed me the sign for hurt and explained that when Rory hits they explain that it hurts and isn't nice and remove her from the situation.  When she screams they tell her to use her inside voice and use her words or signs to say what she wants. 

I use similar tactics for the screaming but I appreciated Coreena teaching me the sign for hurt, I think that will help a lot.  I must admit that I feel like a broken record though, constanstly saying "inside voice", "please don't scream", "use your words".  The hitting is much less a problem so I am probably only trying to work on that behavior once a day, if that.

As  I was driving home with Rory I was thinking about all of this.  And I just had one of those weird surreal moments where I realized the biggest issue I was dealing with in my life was how to get my toddler to not hit or scream.  It was just one of those "holy crap, I am such a Mom" moments.  A year and a half ago I never in my wildest dreams would have thought up this situation or imagined how much it bothers me.  And I certainly wouldn't have imagined the patience and persistence it takes to work on a problem like this.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

These are a Few of My Favorite Things...

There are a lot of bloggers out there that do some form of a weekly Fab 5 Friday or periodic obsessed posts.  I love these and steal ideas from them all the time!  And lets face it, I have an obsessive personality so this is a great idea for me!

I'm not commiting to anything yet, but I'd like to do a periodic post of things I am obsessed with to let you know what is going on in my life as well as share cool stuff with you!

So here goes...

Chicago Fire

I am extremely skeptical to watch TV Shows in there first season.  Mainly because it seams like every show I fall in love with gets cancelled.  Anyone remember Trauma or Mercy, I loved those.  Well, I did some research and it seems like Chicago Fire will get picked up for a second season so I decided to get caught up on the first 10 episodes last weekend.  Turns out this show is awesome!  It has Jesse Spencer (Chase from House) and Taylor Kinney (Was actually on Trauma) and they are both super hot!  (Let's face it, a hot male lead makes any TV show better).  On top of that it has great fires and trauma scenes and they have developed a lot of good storylines already.  I hope I haven't cursed this show by watching the first season because it definitley has potential to have a long run.

PS - my brother in law is in the first episode!  He's the cop at the beginning who doesn't check for the bad guy in the closet.  As many times as I see him in shows and movies its still so cool!

Stephanie Plum Series

This is an obsession 6 months in the making.  Its actually a little embarassing, even though I know a lot of other people share the same obsession.  But I love these books!  I am on 18 of 19, I am so sad that I am going to be caught up soon. 

They are short fluffy reads but they are so good.  There is definitley some repeittion but its easy to look past it because the books are laugh out loud funny.  Also, the romance between Stephanie and her two loves keeps you quite interested. 

I was talking to a friend about it last week and we both said that one of the best things about these books is that Stephanie is the one that doesn't want to get married.  And although she feels some guilt about going back and forth between 2 guys, she just can't help herself.  I love that.
Read them!

My Fitness Pal

I have used ALOT of Food Diary web sites.  Including Sparkpeople and Weight Watchers and I have never seen a food database as extensive as My Fitness Pal.  The web site is easy to use and the app is awesome.  Every single food I have looked up has been in there including Kowalski's brand food.  You can also use the barcode scanner to add food, it works great.


Do you love nail polish?  I do!  To add to my monthly box obsession, I just found Julep!  Which is all about nail polish.  They are so pretty and they are fantastic.  I think my manicure lasts way longer with Juelp polish then OPI or Essie.  They have a Maven subscription where you get 2 nail polishes a month.  You get to peek at them on the 20th of each month and either choose to get the 2 chosen for you, switch them out or skip the month altogether.  I love it!

If you'd like to join click here and I'll get points for you joining!

Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut K-Cups

I don't think there is anything I miss more from Chicago then Dunkin Donuts coffee!  Now I can get the same great taste from my Keurig!  The only problem is that you can only buy DD K-Cups at actual Dunkin Donuts.  So I have to stock up when I visit!  I bought 2 boxes on our way back from Chicago on 12/26 and I am almost out already!

Monday, January 7, 2013

10 Day Low Carb Dinners

It seems that the new fad diet is to cut carbs after 2pm.  This comes from Bob Harper's new book The Skinny Rules .  Rule #7 is to not eat carbs after lunch.  So I decided to try it and see if it works.  Seems simple enough.  Tim and I are doing 10 days of No/Low Carb after 2pm starting Jan 2nd. 

Sure beats last year's Lean Cuisine January, yuck!  We were desparate at the time though, we were eating like crap and had a 4 month old.  Anything was better then what we were doing previously.

I figure if nothing else it will be a jump start to eating healthy for 2013!

Day 1:  Tim got home from work at about 3pm and wanted a snack.  He went through everything in our fridge and pantry and asked if each thing had carbs in it. I realized I did not properly prepare him for what he was getting into.  Next time, we'll have a training session.

For dinner I made Chicken breast marinated in garlic, olive oil, dijon mustard and white wine.  Sauteed mushrooms and a salad with red onion and almonds in a red wine vinegar and olive oil dressing.  Total carbs about 6g.

Tim is pretty mad at me for getting him into this and plans on stuffing his face with a loaf of bread when he wakes up in the morning.

Day 2:  Made these for dinner!  Total carbs 35g.  Probably a little higher then I should have gone, but it didn't seem right to leave out the plum sauce! 

This was a great dinner!  But we were definitley still hungry a few hours later.

Day 3: Ugh, Dinner was awful.  I bought a pork tederloin already seasoned from Kowalski's and it just was not good.  I also made a small salad and mushrooms.  Total carbs 16g.  I did end up making Tim a cheese plate because he was so hungry from the gross dinner.  The plate had cheese, almonds, celery with peanut butter and sausage so not a lot of carbs there.

Day 4: Date Night is hard when you can't eat carbs.  After seeing Les Mis (Amazing!) we went to Wildfire.  By the way, I don't think that movie theatres sell a single thing without carbs!

We had the scallop skewer appetizer and each had a filet with creamed spinach.  Total carbs 18g.  I have to say I felt full when we left and very satisfied with what I ate.  Kind of makes you wonder if you really need the bread and potato at all.

Tim really wanted to break the diet and get a potato or eat the bread but he decided not to.  I think the fact that he isn't seeing a difference on the scale has convinced him this diet is not working.

Day 5: I made salmon and broccoli and cauliflower for dinner.  This meal was great and really filling.  Total Carbs 17g.

We weighed in this morning and we are both down 2 lbs (On top of this diet I ran 11 miles and did a HIIT class).  Tim did tell me yesterday that the diet has already been worth it even if there are no results on the scale.  When he went grocery shopping yesterday he was much more aware of Carbs in foods and even read labels to see how many carbs were in certain foods.

We are halfway through!  We are already planning on what we will eat Saturday night for dinner.  I am voting pasta, Tim is voting pizza. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello 2013

New Years Eve was a bust at our house.  Tim got home from softball around 8pm, we ate a cheese plate drank some champagne and were fast asleep by 11:15.  I was actually pretty bummed but as my mom always says... "Its just another night."  They were probably asleep by 9pm.  Huh, I am getting old.  I hope I have a few good New Year's Celebrations left ahead of me!

I've never really been a New Year's Resolution kind of person.  It sounds so fake because most resolutions are February.  So I've always just set a goal for the year and tried to work towards it.  Less pressure, yet more effective.  Really the same thing, I know.

2012 was amazing.  I was able to watch Rory grow and learn every day.  She started out the year as a tiny baby that couldn't even roll over yet and ended it walking, talking and repeating things like toaster. Yep, toaster of all words.  (side note: we seriously need to clean up our language in this house).  On top of that I had a few awesome vacations and ran a 10 mile race!  

2013 is going to be all about love!  Hugging and kissing and loving each other in our family!  After 5 years of marriage I am sure I am not the first wife that has let the simple practice of a hello kiss and hug become a rarity.  We are going to bring that back in the Husted House.

I have lots of things planned for the year including a half marathon in Nashville, a Golf Tournament in Sept and a family trip to Elkhart Lake, WI.  I can't wait!

I have been pretty active in 2012.  But I want to recommit to my health.  Eat right and exercise.  Try new things, new classes, mix it up and stay interested!  Run 2 halfs!

I ran the Lifetime Fitness Commitment Day 5K on New Year's Day.  It was -6 degrees at the start, my coldest race ever, but I rocked it.  A full minute faster then the Reindeer run a month earlier.  32:12.