Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Holy Crap, I am such a Mom!

Yesterday I had a really good conversation with Rory's teacher Coreena.  I like her more everyday.  She is so sweet and patient.  She is also super honest with me which I love.  And she is clearly excited about Rory's development and when Rory learns new things.

So when I picked up Rory yesterday she had an incident report waiting for me.  Rory was bit on her left hand.  For the record this is bite number 4.  Yeah, really not happy about that.  I am positive that it was the same kid all 4 times, which actually makes me feel better not worse.  I'd rather have a serial biter then a biting epidemic.  Rory was playing with books at the book shelf and got too close to the other kid and that's why she bit her.  It was a space issue.  Coreena did ensure me that the problem was getting better and they were working really hard at it.  I trust them, I know that they have all of the kids best interest in mind and they are doing everything they can.

Can you see the bite mark on Rory's left hand?

I am pretty sad about it but on the other hand I recognize that the situation sucks for everyone.  Part of me thinks it would be harder to be the parent of the biter then the bitee.  And it certainly isn't easy being the teacher that has to tell a parent that their kid was bit.

So after we discussed this a few of Rory's issues came up.  Lately she has been screaming a lot when she gets frustrated.  And she has also been hitting her friends again.  She hits me sometimes too.  Its completely out of frustration of not being able to express herself.  And I know as she learns to communicate more it will get better.

It was nice to talk about it with Coreena and get on the same page of how to handle it.  She showed me the sign for hurt and explained that when Rory hits they explain that it hurts and isn't nice and remove her from the situation.  When she screams they tell her to use her inside voice and use her words or signs to say what she wants. 

I use similar tactics for the screaming but I appreciated Coreena teaching me the sign for hurt, I think that will help a lot.  I must admit that I feel like a broken record though, constanstly saying "inside voice", "please don't scream", "use your words".  The hitting is much less a problem so I am probably only trying to work on that behavior once a day, if that.

As  I was driving home with Rory I was thinking about all of this.  And I just had one of those weird surreal moments where I realized the biggest issue I was dealing with in my life was how to get my toddler to not hit or scream.  It was just one of those "holy crap, I am such a Mom" moments.  A year and a half ago I never in my wildest dreams would have thought up this situation or imagined how much it bothers me.  And I certainly wouldn't have imagined the patience and persistence it takes to work on a problem like this.


  1. Erica,

    I've been enjoying your blog and came across this post. Sorry you have a biter. How are things going?


    1. Hi Dawn! No bites since this post! Fingers crossed. Checking out your blog now!