Friday, January 25, 2013

Why this video is Awesome...

1. Rory can say her own name!  This is very close to the first time I have heard her say it.  Hearing other people say your child's name when they are first born is so awesome, but hearing your daughter say her own name is 100 times better.

2. Do you see her trying to form the R with her mouth?

3. Rory can say the names of all of her classmates!  Not only can she say Cori but she can say Landon, BraElle and Eden.  I love it. 

4.  Rory's way of pointing to herself is to put her hands on her face.  No idea where she learned this but its pretty cute!

5.  Look how happy she is when she says my name!  Heart = Warmed!

6.  Her wave is so dainty! 

7.  That last laugh is totally unpromted!

What is your favorite part of this video?  Comment!!!

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