Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Balancing Act: No Time to Make My Lunch

Anyone with a kid or even anyone who has ever watched a kid for 24 hours knows that mornings are always hectic.  Getting yourself ready while getting a toddler ready who really wants to read a book or play with a toy is not easy.  Most mornings Tim and I work together to get out of the house.  I'll jump in the shower at 6:45 and get half ready then go get Rory ready while Tim gets up and showers.  Then he'll leave with Rory and I'll finish getting ready.  This usually gets him out of the door by 7:30 and me out the door by 7:45.  Give or take 15 minutes.

But of course some mornings Tim has an early meeting or is out of town so its just Rory and I.  These mornings go a lot different.

I wake up and go get Rory ready for the day.  Usually this involves a lot of her asking for her book.  "Book, Book, Book"  She's pretty impressive with the On the Farm book.  If you ask her to show you a cow, she will show you the cow in the book and tell you it says Moooo.  But this does slow down the process.

Rory's hair is super long (more on that to come) so after she is all dressed we need to figure out what to do with it.  I usually opt for high pigtails which causes some crying and whining.  I guess our scalps get stronger as we get older because I don't think it hurts when I put my hair up.

So then we walk over to my room and I make sure that there is nothing on the counter that Rory can reach and I take a shower.  Sometimes she just plays and reads and sometimes she gets upset.  If she is upset I sing to her and that usually keeps her happy.  I'll peek out at her a few times getting water all over our bathroom floor.  At least its better then the days she was really little and I showered with the door open and walked out to puddles.

Once I am done showering I will turn on the TV to distract her a bit while I put my makeup on and get dressed.  She'll run back and forth between my bedroom and bathroom watching TV and watching me.

We keep water bottles on our night stand so she'll usually bring me my bottle and ask for water.  She is allowed to drink out of my bottle only if she sits, so she'll hand it to me and sit and drink very carefully to not spill.  Most days she doesn't spill.

I refuse to use my flat iron while she is around (don't ask) so my hair pretty much does whatever it wants on these days. Either up in a pony or hopefully its still straight enough to wear down (wishful thinking).

Once I am all ready we go downstairs and put on Rory's boots and coat.  Sometimes she cooperates, sometimes (like this morning in particular) she runs away.

By now, I am running late.  I don't really have to be a work by a certain time but I try to get in before 8:30, and I try to get Rory to school by 8:00 so she can eat breakfast with her friends.

So I have no time to make my lunch - which brings us to the point of this post - I grab a Chobani for breakfast and my new favorite lunch substitute Suja Green Supreme.

I am not kidding when I say this juice tastes awesome and is really filling.   I have been having such a hard time losing weight lately that i vowed I am no longer going to order Jimmy John's, so this is a great solution!  It is the perfect substitute lunch when I am on the go or don't have time to make a sandwich in the morning. And best part about it is that I can buy it at Whole Foods and its not nearly as expensive as some other Juice Cleanses.

I grabbed one this morning, dropped Rory off at 7:45, got gas on my way to work and still got here by 8:15!  So I would call that a successful morning!

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