Thursday, February 7, 2013

Go Go Go Joseph!

My favorite weekend of the year came a little early this year.  The theater does the annual Casting Auction AKA my Dad's play changed last year (It's now Bailiwick Chicago) and they moved the performance up a couple of weeks.  I do have to say though that this may have been the best play in 10 years.  It may be because I love the music of Joseph but it was just so high energy and fun!

I've seen 3 productions of Joseph before this.  Once with school in 7th grade.  Tyler Fink was my buddy and he bought me a Joseph pin, I thought that was awesome.  I actually still have it.  Then once with my Dad and friend Christine.  We were so excited to go see it.  I think that was 8th grade.  Both times in Chicago Donny Osmond played Joseph!  And once in Minnesota at the Chanhassen dinner theater with a bunch of friends.  That performance was actually pretty cheesy.

In this production, Joseph was great (added bonus that he had his shirt off most of the play)!  Jill was a perfect narrator.  And everyone else was great.  My Dad and Laura were really fun to watch and they did great!

Here's a behind the scenes video of the play.  Remember this is a fundraiser and all of these people have day jobs!  They work really hard and rehearse a ton for this!

Here's my Dad and me after the show!

The rest of the weekend was a blast.  Friday night I got to see Maddie and Caleb.  

Then went with my mom and Michael to Benihana.  Saturday morning my mom and I were lazy and stayed in bed and watched a movie, exactly what I needed.

Saturday before the play Amy, Loni, Nikki and I went to dinner at La Gondola.  It was cool restaurant but the food was nothing spectacular.  We decided to go there instead of our normal place because it was right across the street from Stage 773 where the play was.  It was super convenient but I missed Que Rico.

After the play we went to Cooper's Chicago for a couple drinks. I got home around 1am stuffed my face with a Superdawg and called it a night!  That's what I call a successful and fun weekend!

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