Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Half Marathon Training Update

It is week 4 of training.  Already.  This is when it really starts to get fun and the long runs start to get long.  The tricky part of training this time of year is that its too cold or too icey to run outside.  So every week we debate over indoor track or treadmill.  Neither are great options if we are being honest.  I would like to say I'll run my 7 mile long run outside this week but its unlikely and I'll probably end up on the treadmill again.  This is going to make transitioning to the pavement very hard.

Rory starts swim class on 3/20 on Wednesdays so I had to move my schedule around a bit, I think it will probably change even more but here's where I am and my training plan as of now...

We found out this weekend that Craig Morgan will be headlining the Country Music Marathon concert.  I like him, but he is awfully twangy for my non-country loving friends.  I'm so excited!

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