Monday, February 25, 2013

Our Weekend

Our weekend pretty much consisted of this...

Lots and lots of sleep!  Rory only takes 1 nap during the week and it ranges from 1-2 hours.  But on the weekend she is still taking 2 naps most days.  And they are usually 2-3 hours.  School must really wear her out!

Friday night Tim, Rory and I went to Old Chicago for pizza.  Rory was pretty good through dinner, although at first she did not want to eat her pizza.  Crazy to think of a kid not wanting pizza.  In an attempt to get Rory to eat, I let her feed me a bite from her plate.  And voilla, after she saw me eat a piece she was game.  Tim's response: "Really, that worked?!?!  This parenting thing is hard."  Ha, sure is!

Saturday morning I rolled out of bed and put my running clothes on and headed to the gym.  I ran 6 miles on the treadmill next to Anne (who by the way ran 6 miles for the first time ever!  Congrats Anne!)  It felt great and I was surprised that I wasn't even sore the rest of Saturday or Sunday.  I guess that means I should have run faster!

Tim and Rory's favorite thing to do while I run is to watch soccer together!

Tim left for the airport around noon.  He was going to swing by the Walser dealership to just browse at cars since we are in the market for a new car for him.  Well, somehow browsing turned into action and Tim will now be driving a beautiful black 2013 GMC Acadia.  He'll pick it up on his way home from France on Friday.  We are really excited, his old car kept breaking down on us so it will be nice to have something reliable.

After about 3 hours at the dealership with Rory signing paperwork I was thrilled that my friends were waiting for me when I got home.  We cracked open a bottle (or 2) of wine and attempted to make puff pastry from scratch.  Epic Fail.  I normally make my Brie bake with store bought puff pastry sheets, but we were all out!

Here are a few photos of Rory from Saturday.  She was wearing a shirt over this when we went out but I had to capture the tank top, its just kills me how cute she look in it!

Sunday was a lazy day.  Rory was up way too early so I brought her in bed with me and she fell back asleep till 8am.  I was very greatful!  She also took a 3 hours nap from about 10-1.  I slept too!  We hung out around the house, watched a little bit of the movie Chicken Little and ventured out to the EP indoor track to get some steps in.  Yesterday she was all about naming articles of clothing. Shoes, socks, shirts, pants, jackets.

I am astounded every day by how much she understands and how much she talks.  We had a really fun day, just the 2 of us.

Rory watching Chicken Little

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