Thursday, March 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday

In case you were wondering if Rory looks like me...

This was the closest pic I could find to me at 18 months and I am way older.  Not sure how old though, 3? 4?

I hope Rory will at least have this hair!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Elave Skincare Product Review

If you have met Rory or seen a picture of her, you know she has been blessed with Tim's skin.  My olive, easy tanning, low maintence skin is a Burstein family trait and unfortunatley Rory did not get it.  She has beautiful light skin tone but its very sensitive and develops rashes and marks easily.  Detergent, clothes, dry air, and everything else irritate it.   She if often scratching, and if I don't keep her nails cut she scratches to the point of scabbing. 

I have tried a few different products.  Mainly the popular brands like Aveeno and Johnson and Johnson and they help a little if we apply lotion like 4 times a day.  But they certainly don't solve the problem.

So I went searching for a product that was geared toward sensitive skin and I found Elave Baby.  I was instantly intrigued purely on their web site.  Their motto is Save Your Skin and they display a Free From badge that states all of the harsh chemicals that irritate our skin that are NOT in their Products!

We tried out the Elave Moisturizing Intensive Cream.  Within 3 days of applying the lotion twice a day I felt a huge difference in Rory's skin.  Her dry patches were gone and her skin was actually soft.  And there was no more itchy scratching baby!  As I continued to use the cream it just got better and better.  No joke, I can't believe what a difference it has made!  The cream has no smell which I like because it tells me there is no additives that will irritate her skin.  Its also pretty thin for a cream but I like this because it goes on easy and doesn't take forever to rub in on an impatient toddler.

I am hoping to try the Shampoo too.  Rory's scalp can get pretty dry and based on how well the Cream worked I expect the Shampoo will make a huge difference.

Elave also sent me an eye cream (for me) that I love so far.  I have huge circles under my eyes (how did they know!) so eye cream is essential in my makeup bag.   

This company is fantastic and they have been so nice and helpful.  I received full size products to try out and a handwritten note.  I love that!  I am excited to try these products and will definitley be a long time customer. 

Even if you or your kids don't have sensitive skin I highly recommend checking out Elave Skincare products!

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Monday, March 25, 2013

18 Month Check Up!

I know I say this a lot, but how is it possible that I have an 18 month old daughter!  Wow!  Even the doctor said it feels like Rory was just born.

The last few times we went to the doctor have been disastrous.  Rory has pretty much tantrumed the whole time and it was miserable.  So I assumed this was how her 18 month check up was going to go too. 

We were the only ones in the waiting room for a 3:10 appointment and Rory ran around and looked at the fish and had a great time.  As soon as the nurse opened the door and called Rory's name she started balling and wailing.  I had to grab her kicking and screaming and drag her into the room.

I hugged Rory and talked to her and tried to calm her down but she was having none of it.  So I had to just fight her to get her clothes off so she could be weighed.  It was kind of funny how she grabbed the waist of her pants as if to say no, you are not taking these off of me! 

We did her measurements and the nurse left me and Rory alone.  Rory sat on my lap with her head on my shoulder and hugged me tight.   After about 2 minutes she got over it and asked to be put down and preceded to take every single book out of a little basket they have in each room.

When the doctor came in Rory was actually fine.  She even showed off!  Dr. Schaefer asked Rory the color of the cars in her book and she knew every single one.  My mouth was literally on the floor.  I had no idea she knew her colors!  Her teacher had mentioned they were working hard on it but she knew red, orange, yellow, blue and green.  I was floored! 

Other then that she passed all the cognitive skills questions.  Rory has tons of words and can form short sentences like "Where's Cori?"  (We get that one 10 times a day)  Rory even listed off all of the kids in her class for the doctor. 

She got a little whiny when the doc was pushing on her stomach but thats understandable.  Other then that she was actually really good!  She only had to get one shot and she took it like a champ!  A teddy graham right after helped too.

We learned that the next 6 months are all about Rory starting to do things on her own.  Dressing herself, feeding herself, putting stuff away on her own and maybe some potty training when she is ready.  That sounds so crazy! 

She does already feed herself using a spoon and fork, her accuracy needs some work though!

Here's the latest Rory Stats:
Weight: 31lbs 12 oz (99%)
Height: 33 inches (85%)
Head: 19 inches (90%)

She has grown so much since her last check up!  I can't believe she started out in the 5th percentile!

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Snow, Snow Go Away!

It was warm enough to play outside today, but hopefully all this snow will melt soon.  We are ready to play at the big park!  We had a ton of fun at our little park in our neighborhood though!

Big Ugg, Little Ugg.  

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Friday, March 22, 2013

What I LOVE about this Photo!

1. That smile!  With all those teeth!
2. The way she scrunches her nose.
3. Open your eyes Rory!  I wonder who she got that from!?!?
4. Rocking those Uggs!
5. Before I took this I said "pose" and she did.
6. After I took this she said "all done, down" and preceded to climb down the stairs!
7. Love the pink and turquoise on her!  Her eyes look so blue in this outfit.
8. The hair clip kills me.  For the 20 minutes she'll leave it in, its so worth it!
9. Such a happy girl!
10. I LOVE her so much it HURTS!!!

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Happy 6th Birthday to my wonderful niece Annie...

This may or may not actually be a picture of Annie in August 2008, I am not telling!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Grocery Store Boycott Week and Cute Sunglasses Pics

Do you ever boycott the grocery store in an attempt to use up food that has been sitting in your pantry or fridge for a while?  I do this a lot!  Because my fridge often looks like this...

and I end up with crazy side dishes like this...

Yep, that is fingerling potatoes, onions, jalapenos, garlic and olive oil.  It was fantastic!  Sometimes my best dishes come out of the weeks I refuse to go to the grocery store.  So what if I served this with frozen chicken nuggets!

The grocery store boycott doesn't work as well when you have a toddler that loves fresh fruit so we ended up giving up after just a couple days this time and going shopping.  

In a completely unrelated note, Rory has been obsessed with wearing her sunglasses lately.  She wears  her Babiators everywhere.  She takes the out of her diaper bag and puts them on.  I think she is trying to copy me or Bubba.  I guess she can't wait for summer too!

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Friday, March 15, 2013

My Top 10 List: Concerts

I have been to a a lot of concerts, seriously I couldn't even begin to count.  Most of them were either with Loni in High School or with Raney in college.

I have seen Bon Jovi nine times, Dave Matthews eight times, and Bruce Springsteen five times, Phish at least 4 times, Sugarland three time, the list goes on and on!  I've seen everyone from 50 Cent to the Eagles.  I've even been to the American Idol concert (quite a few) and Ozzfest!

I've always wanted to rank my top 10 concerts, so here goes. This isn't based on an individual concert but how good of a show the artist puts on in general.  By the way, these are all Photos I actually took at concerts over the years - they are all pretty amazing except the Brad Paisley one.

1) Bon Jovi (hands down #1)

JBJ puts on an amazing show.  His energy is contagious and you can't help but dance and scream.  He runs all over the stage.  The best concert I have ever been to was when I saw him at Alpine Valley in WI.  He brought up an unsuspecting girl and sang Bed of Roses to her and people were just melting in the audience.  He has a crazy effect on people.  JBJ is also the only concert I have been to on my own.  I opted to go by myself and have better seats rather then drag my husband with me.  Smart decision, I had 10th row on the floor and loved every moment of it.

You know how some concerts the band will come out into the crowd and sing, well Bon Jovi will not only come on the floor but he often has a mini-stage set up in the actual stands.  I love that.

2) Bruce Springsteen

My Mom and Michael got me into Springsteen.  Well, if we are honest Michael got my Mom and I into Springsteen.  He is an absolute die hard fan.  I am not even sure he likes any other music.  When I was still in high school we went to a couple concerts and I understood what all the hype was about.  Springsteen runs all over the stage sweating and dancing. He hangs on his microphone poll and jams with his band.  He is just nuts and I love it.  I brought Tim to a concert in Minneapolis and he was so disappointed that Bruce didn't play all of his #1 hits.  But true fans don't want all the #1's, they want some obscure songs too so I get it.  I think time might be running out on this one so go see Bruce while he is still touring!

3) Eric Church

I almost want to move this one to #2 but I just can't yet.  Maybe after a few more concerts under my belt.  Eric Church is by far my favorite current artist and he is great in concert.  He has this awkward way of dancing and moving his legs that just draws me in. 

4) Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley is an artistic genuis.  I am not the best judge of how well he can play the guitar, but he writes all his own music, sings, plays the guitar and did you know he can draw?!!?  Every Brad concert I have been to he has had one instrumental song where he showcases some of his drawings.  Its amazing to think one person can be THAT talented and creative.  Not only that but he is a great performer and a ton of fun to watch.

5) Sugarland

Wow, this photo pretty much sums up a Sugarland concert.  They are kind of goof balls and they let it show through.  They pretty much do a pose of some sort at the end of every song.  And they love to have fun!  They often have a gimic at their concerts, one song that everyone has a lightstick for or they sell "I was here" poster that is signed.  They do something extra that helps the audience feel more engaged and more part of the show.  At all three shows I went to, they also got into giant balls and crowd surfed in them, it was awesome.

6) Maroon5

This is the first on the list that I have only been to one show, so that is saying a lot.  But this concert was truly awesome and engaging.  There wasn't too many extra frills and nothing that great about his set but Adam Levine is just awesome to watch.  He sings with so much heart that its hard to take your eyes off of him.

7) Madonna

Raney and I got to go see Madonna back in the day and it was an amazing show.  We had ridiculously good seats.  Madonna sang all of her known hits and changed into one amazing outfit after another with almost every song.  She had this amazing boardwalk that she was on a lot that propelled her right out into the audience.  Great show!

8) Taylor Swift

Taylor's concerts are very produced and theatrical, but in a good way.  Each song is told like a story and has a set and usually its own outfit.  Its almost like going to a Broadway Musical rather then a concert.  I went to the last show of her tour a couple years ago and all of her band members were dressed up like superheros, it was hilarious.  She is young, playful and goofy and she lets that come through in her concerts.  It will be interesting to see how her show evolves as she grows up (current storyline on the TV show Nashville BTW).

9) Incubus

Incubus was by far my favorite band in High School and they were definitly the first band that I saw multiple times in concert.  I wonder if I would like their shows now, but they definitly make the list because we used to have an absolute blast at their shows!  They are a high energy band and they get the whole crowd dancing.

10) Rocket Club

I am so excited to put this one on my list and I hope as I go to more shows and as they get more popular it moves up and up.  Rocket Club is a local MN country band and they are amazing.  They have has a few hits on the radio but outside of MN you probably don't know them.  There songs are catchy, heartfelt and amazing.  They do some fantastic things with their time and their music too.  In 2013, they are doing a Lucky13 campaign where they write and release one new song each month and 2 in December.  Such an awesome idea.  I saw them at September Fest in 2010 and I just fell in love with them, they put on an awesome show and you should check them out now before they are selling out big stadiums!

The first concert I ever went to was The Monkees, I wonder what Rory's first concert will be! It will be Bon Jovi if I have anything to do with it!

What are your top 10?  Anything not on my list that I must go to?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I'd like to start doing a Throwback Thursday Photo each week...

In honor of Rory being 18 months today my first Throwback Thursday photo is of Rory when she was just 2 weeks old.  She was so tiny!

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Pre-Baby Weight, Half Training and Weekend Snapshots

I am so excited to be writing this post.  I have thought and thought and thought about it.  I have dreamed about it.  And I have worked really hard to achieve it.  I have finally reached my pre-baby weight.  Hallelujah.  I honestly could not be more excited.  Not only do I feel and look better but its a milestone that was really important to me.

Losing weight is hard for me.  It always has been.  For some reason even if I'm eating 1200 calories a day and running 15 miles a week, each lb is a struggle.  Part of me wants to say, FINALLY Erica, what took you so darn long?  But I am not going to do that.  Whether it took me 18 months or 18 years I am deciding to be proud of the fact that I was able to get back to my pre-baby weight.  Some women never get back to their pre-pregnancy weight while others bounce back easily, I am happy to be right in the middle.  I read in a study that it takes an average of 13 months for women to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight.  So I might be more then average, but who cares!

When I went to my first checkup after Rory was born I asked my doctor how long it should take for me to get back to my previous weight.  She said "A few years"  and I replied "But in a few years I might be on to my second" and she said "then a few years after that."  For some reason this conversation stuck.  It both motivated me and comforted me that I am not alone.  The lack of pressure from her actually gave me the confidence to work at it.

I feel like the numbers make some people uncomfortable but you'll have to get over it!  I'm going to give you numbers, because I am proud of them and well... I tend to give too much information. 

Wedding day: 172lbs
Pre-pregnancy weight: 172 lbs
Delivery day: 215lbs
One Year ago: 194 lbs
Current weight: 172 lbs
Next Goal: 165lbs on Race Day 4/27
Ideal (where I want to be) :155lbs

I am so proud, I even took a picture!  I should have included my 11th toe so you knew it was me, but you'll have to take my word on it.

Ahhhh... that feels so good and looks so pretty!  (and yes, I need a pedicure!)

We are in full swing of half marathon training!  This week felt great.  Anne and I ran our 8 miles outside on Saturday, through a "wall of moisture."  We were cold and soaked when we got back, but we did it!  That scarf thing I am wearing is from Lululemon and I love it! I can't find the exact one on their web site but its like this one.

Here is an updated training plan.  Don't hold me to the 5K this weekend, I am not actually signed up yet and I'm trying to find a way to merge the 5K and the 9 mile run.

Other than running 8 miles, I had a pretty busy but relaxing weekend.  Saturday night we had a Soup Swap with book club girls.  It was fun and delicious!  And Sunday Tim and I had a mini date night at the Wild game.   Although we were in a suite with a bunch of Tim's co-workers but I'll take what I can get!  I hate that Rory is at that age where we can't bring her to a 7pm hockey game.  It would be a disaster, she would get tired and crabby and wine and cry but I am excited for the day we can push her bedtime a bit.

Rory got 2 more teeth this week and is now up to 10!  Six on top and 4 on the bottom.  She has been talking up a storm too.  She now says "Yay" a lot.  When she sees the bag of Goldfish for example, she says "Yaayyy".  Rory has also mastered saying "Go Bears" and doing the touchdown signal.  We are working on "Go Yankees" and "Go Cubs" next.  We have priorities in ours house!  Oh, and I have taught her that when I ask where's Seabiscuit she will point to our poster in the basement of Seabiscuit.  She's going to be a horse racing expert by 2!

Here are some snapshots from our weekend!

Whenever Rory find my headband she loves to put it on.  She can do it all by herself too.

A little overdressed in her tutu for hanging around the house!

Taking out every toy!

Thanks for voting, we are at #99!  Continue to vote often and on every device!
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Friday, March 8, 2013

Maroon 5

Monday night Tim got to spend some one-on-one time with Rors (hence his hilarious blog post) and I got to have a night out with one of my favorite people at the Maroon5 concert. 

I had really high expectations for the Maroon5 concert and amazingly it surpassed them!  If you ever have a chance to go see them, please do! 

Ellen and I had a blast!  I love that I have a concert buddy in MN because I really love going to concerts!  We have tickets to 3 more this year - Bon Jovi, Kenny Chesney and Craig Morgan (in Nashville)!

Here are some photos from the concert, they are taken with my phone so they are spectacular, but you can get the idea.

Ellen cannot take a picture with a straight face, I love it!

I have another concert post planned... Top 10 Concerts I have been to!  If you know me, I bet you can guess #1.

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