Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Perfect Weekend with Bubba!

As promised, I wanted to tell you all about our weekend!  My Mom arrived really early on Friday and we headed straight to Mall of America.  It was too early for anything to be open except Old Navy.  No problem though, I love Old Navy baby clothes.  We shopped a little and waited for Sea Life to open.  As you can tell from the earlier post, we had a blast at Sea Life.  We then shopped around and went to lunch at Cadillac Ranch. 

Friday night we had pizza from Detello's... yum.  We cracked open a bottle of wine and watched about 3 episodes of Ellen!

I think everything Ellen does is hilarious, but this video below had my Mom and I laughing so hard that tears were streaming down our faces.

Saturday was a pretty low key day.  We wanted to do something that Rory would enjoy so we decided to go check out a unique toy store in St. Louis Park called Kiddywampus.  Its an interactive toy store that not only has a play room but has tons of toys out where kids can play with them right there.  Its a genius idea and Rory loved it.  She pushed around a baby in a toy stroller for about half of the time.  She would have gone home with it too if I wasn't so weird about baby dolls.  Instead Rory got 2 new puzzles which she loves.

We then went to Von Maur to look for kids shoes and went home. 

Sunday was a perfect day.  There was lots of Elmo, tickling and puzzles... and Soup!  We woke up early and went to the grocery store to get everything needed for my favorite soup - beef barley.  And my Mom showed me how she makes it.  Its really is easy, I am so excited.  We then just let the soup get better and better and played with Rory and hung out. 

My Mom taught Rory 2 things while she was here - first to hit her head and say Uhhhhh very dramatically.  And second to hold her nose and say PU.  Both are hilarious!  That kid is like a sponge, she will copy anything! 

We dropped my Mom off at the airport at about 3:00 and headed to the gym for a 7 mile run (Rory to gym daycare).

Rory has been asking "where's Bubba" since she left!  The worst part about my Mom visiting is that I am always a little sad when she leaves.  Hopefully she'll come back to visit (with Michael) soon!

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