Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Elave Skincare Product Review

If you have met Rory or seen a picture of her, you know she has been blessed with Tim's skin.  My olive, easy tanning, low maintence skin is a Burstein family trait and unfortunatley Rory did not get it.  She has beautiful light skin tone but its very sensitive and develops rashes and marks easily.  Detergent, clothes, dry air, and everything else irritate it.   She if often scratching, and if I don't keep her nails cut she scratches to the point of scabbing. 

I have tried a few different products.  Mainly the popular brands like Aveeno and Johnson and Johnson and they help a little if we apply lotion like 4 times a day.  But they certainly don't solve the problem.

So I went searching for a product that was geared toward sensitive skin and I found Elave Baby.  I was instantly intrigued purely on their web site.  Their motto is Save Your Skin and they display a Free From badge that states all of the harsh chemicals that irritate our skin that are NOT in their Products!

We tried out the Elave Moisturizing Intensive Cream.  Within 3 days of applying the lotion twice a day I felt a huge difference in Rory's skin.  Her dry patches were gone and her skin was actually soft.  And there was no more itchy scratching baby!  As I continued to use the cream it just got better and better.  No joke, I can't believe what a difference it has made!  The cream has no smell which I like because it tells me there is no additives that will irritate her skin.  Its also pretty thin for a cream but I like this because it goes on easy and doesn't take forever to rub in on an impatient toddler.

I am hoping to try the Shampoo too.  Rory's scalp can get pretty dry and based on how well the Cream worked I expect the Shampoo will make a huge difference.

Elave also sent me an eye cream (for me) that I love so far.  I have huge circles under my eyes (how did they know!) so eye cream is essential in my makeup bag.   

This company is fantastic and they have been so nice and helpful.  I received full size products to try out and a handwritten note.  I love that!  I am excited to try these products and will definitley be a long time customer. 

Even if you or your kids don't have sensitive skin I highly recommend checking out Elave Skincare products!

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