Friday, March 15, 2013

My Top 10 List: Concerts

I have been to a a lot of concerts, seriously I couldn't even begin to count.  Most of them were either with Loni in High School or with Raney in college.

I have seen Bon Jovi nine times, Dave Matthews eight times, and Bruce Springsteen five times, Phish at least 4 times, Sugarland three time, the list goes on and on!  I've seen everyone from 50 Cent to the Eagles.  I've even been to the American Idol concert (quite a few) and Ozzfest!

I've always wanted to rank my top 10 concerts, so here goes. This isn't based on an individual concert but how good of a show the artist puts on in general.  By the way, these are all Photos I actually took at concerts over the years - they are all pretty amazing except the Brad Paisley one.

1) Bon Jovi (hands down #1)

JBJ puts on an amazing show.  His energy is contagious and you can't help but dance and scream.  He runs all over the stage.  The best concert I have ever been to was when I saw him at Alpine Valley in WI.  He brought up an unsuspecting girl and sang Bed of Roses to her and people were just melting in the audience.  He has a crazy effect on people.  JBJ is also the only concert I have been to on my own.  I opted to go by myself and have better seats rather then drag my husband with me.  Smart decision, I had 10th row on the floor and loved every moment of it.

You know how some concerts the band will come out into the crowd and sing, well Bon Jovi will not only come on the floor but he often has a mini-stage set up in the actual stands.  I love that.

2) Bruce Springsteen

My Mom and Michael got me into Springsteen.  Well, if we are honest Michael got my Mom and I into Springsteen.  He is an absolute die hard fan.  I am not even sure he likes any other music.  When I was still in high school we went to a couple concerts and I understood what all the hype was about.  Springsteen runs all over the stage sweating and dancing. He hangs on his microphone poll and jams with his band.  He is just nuts and I love it.  I brought Tim to a concert in Minneapolis and he was so disappointed that Bruce didn't play all of his #1 hits.  But true fans don't want all the #1's, they want some obscure songs too so I get it.  I think time might be running out on this one so go see Bruce while he is still touring!

3) Eric Church

I almost want to move this one to #2 but I just can't yet.  Maybe after a few more concerts under my belt.  Eric Church is by far my favorite current artist and he is great in concert.  He has this awkward way of dancing and moving his legs that just draws me in. 

4) Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley is an artistic genuis.  I am not the best judge of how well he can play the guitar, but he writes all his own music, sings, plays the guitar and did you know he can draw?!!?  Every Brad concert I have been to he has had one instrumental song where he showcases some of his drawings.  Its amazing to think one person can be THAT talented and creative.  Not only that but he is a great performer and a ton of fun to watch.

5) Sugarland

Wow, this photo pretty much sums up a Sugarland concert.  They are kind of goof balls and they let it show through.  They pretty much do a pose of some sort at the end of every song.  And they love to have fun!  They often have a gimic at their concerts, one song that everyone has a lightstick for or they sell "I was here" poster that is signed.  They do something extra that helps the audience feel more engaged and more part of the show.  At all three shows I went to, they also got into giant balls and crowd surfed in them, it was awesome.

6) Maroon5

This is the first on the list that I have only been to one show, so that is saying a lot.  But this concert was truly awesome and engaging.  There wasn't too many extra frills and nothing that great about his set but Adam Levine is just awesome to watch.  He sings with so much heart that its hard to take your eyes off of him.

7) Madonna

Raney and I got to go see Madonna back in the day and it was an amazing show.  We had ridiculously good seats.  Madonna sang all of her known hits and changed into one amazing outfit after another with almost every song.  She had this amazing boardwalk that she was on a lot that propelled her right out into the audience.  Great show!

8) Taylor Swift

Taylor's concerts are very produced and theatrical, but in a good way.  Each song is told like a story and has a set and usually its own outfit.  Its almost like going to a Broadway Musical rather then a concert.  I went to the last show of her tour a couple years ago and all of her band members were dressed up like superheros, it was hilarious.  She is young, playful and goofy and she lets that come through in her concerts.  It will be interesting to see how her show evolves as she grows up (current storyline on the TV show Nashville BTW).

9) Incubus

Incubus was by far my favorite band in High School and they were definitly the first band that I saw multiple times in concert.  I wonder if I would like their shows now, but they definitly make the list because we used to have an absolute blast at their shows!  They are a high energy band and they get the whole crowd dancing.

10) Rocket Club

I am so excited to put this one on my list and I hope as I go to more shows and as they get more popular it moves up and up.  Rocket Club is a local MN country band and they are amazing.  They have has a few hits on the radio but outside of MN you probably don't know them.  There songs are catchy, heartfelt and amazing.  They do some fantastic things with their time and their music too.  In 2013, they are doing a Lucky13 campaign where they write and release one new song each month and 2 in December.  Such an awesome idea.  I saw them at September Fest in 2010 and I just fell in love with them, they put on an awesome show and you should check them out now before they are selling out big stadiums!

The first concert I ever went to was The Monkees, I wonder what Rory's first concert will be! It will be Bon Jovi if I have anything to do with it!

What are your top 10?  Anything not on my list that I must go to?

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  1. Justin.Timberlake. He blew my mind, but I did have floor seats at the 360 concert... that helps.