Sunday, April 28, 2013

Daddy Blog Update from the Half Marathon Weekend

Erica is in Nashville.  I'm so jealous.  I love Nashville.  I love country music, love live music and love old bars with great stories.  So I love Nashville. 
She is in Nashville as she ran in the Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  I'll let her update you on how awesome she did in her next blog post about her weekend.  

I'll simply update you on the weekend at home with Rory and I.  

Here is the overall schedule: 

Friday -- Picked up From Day Care, Home, Hot Dog Dinner, Played Hard, Tub, Bed

Saturday -- Woke Up Early, Breakfast, Scared of Cooper, Shopping at Target, Nap in Car, Went to Softball Games to Watch a Dane player and taught Rory how to kick a soccer ball, Nap in Car, Sandwich Dinner, Bad Poop = Tub, Bed

Sunday -- Woke Up, Egg Breakfast, Played Real Hard, Early Nap, Lunch, Cub Food Shopping, Played Hard, Afternoon Nap, Got Caught in the Rain after wagon ride to Park, Mickey, Dinner, Tired Wining, Tub, Bed, Talking in Sleep about Doggies

So things I thought about this weekend:

It seems the average 40+ year old woman who always seems to interact with me like Dads are idiot parents.  Honestly, is there any group of people more underestimated than Dads.  We were out in 70 degree temps and super awesome "first sun of the year".  No less than 7 strangers asked me "if I had put sunscreen" on Rors.  

Look at me; do I look like the guy who "FORGETS" anything to do with sunscreen.  This type of "reminder" makes sense if I'm a black guy who had a pale white daughter BUT anyone who looks at me and my own skin might want to consider that I might be on top of the risks of the sun and unlotioned skin. 

But my point is this, NO ONE would say that to Erica.  NO female would cross that bridge, it would be too offensive.  

So it got windy today before the rain.  Rors and I were walking into the grocery store and I was letting her walk next to me holding my hand.  We do this a lot now as it helps Rory to use up energy BUT also helps her to become better and more aware and involved.  Strong overall parenting there, don't do everything for your 19 month old BUT always keep them safe.  

An 80 year old lady says to me as she passes me returning her cart "you better hold on to her, she'll blow away in the wind".  And she didn't say it with any sense of humor or tone of laughter; it was more a judgmental statement that only those who were born in the Hoover era know how to execute.  

Did she really think that I was going to let my 19 month old daughter loose in the parking lot of Cub Foods.  Even Mother Ducks treat their ducklings better than this.  

Finally, I'm not babysitting Rory.  She is my daughter.  Dad's are not babysitters, they are Dad's.  Rory has wonderful babysitters BUT to compare my relationship and care taking skills for my own kid to a temporary caretaker is unacceptable. 

I'm sure there are other examples, these were two that stood out.  I think the issue is partially that Dads do a horrible job of brand management.  We allow ourselves to be branded as the victim of "Daddy's Little Girls", totally inept at basic things like changing diapers, "babysitters" and other crappy ideas. 

But let me tell you, there are a few things that clearly Rory has to overcome when she is is forced to use "societies view" of her second string parent.  

She has horrible hair days.  I tried EVERY single day to make her hair look as good as Erica does.  I understand the overall strategy, 2 pony tails in the back ideally symmetrically located; then one pony tail on the top that keeps her hair out of her eyes which if left as a pony tail GOES straight up in the air so you take a clip and clip that down to her hair.  Simple right?  No way.  

Each day we lost 2 of 3 of the pony tail rubber bands and all 3 days we lost the clips.  When they were in her hair, they were too loose and very uneven.  It was bad.  I felt horrible for her.  But it is literally not my fault; I simply do not have the small motor skills to pull it off.   It is to the point now where Rory doesn't even get upset with me even though I know i'm hurting her as she sees the pain in my face as I fail over and over.     

The other thing that happens is that she ends up having to get a tub every night.  I think it must be my menu; it seems they are always messy.  I mean Messy to the point of the "extra tub".  

All in all, Rory and I had a blast over the weekend even if we often looked messy with bad hair.  I hope you are as excited as I am to read Erica's blog on her trip to Nashville.  

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