Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Weekend

Tim and I always talk about how I try to do too much.  I love to stay busy and definitely have a jam packed schedule.  But I love it.  Well, sometimes somethings got to give.  And this week it was blogging.  So sorry for my absence but work has been crazy, Tim is in Rome, Half training is nearing the end (22 days till Nashville!) and I have just had no time to even think about what to post let alone post anything.

So this will be short and sweet.  We had a really fun Easter weekend!  You may have saw on FB that we went to Afternoon with the Bunny on Saturday.  They had live animals, an Easter Bunny, a craft, and Easter egg hunt and a dance party!  Rory seemed to have a blast.  She pet the animals, stared at the freaky Easter bunny (he has no pupils!), made a bunny on a stick and put all of her egg's in other kids baskets (literally).  We didn't know we had to bring a basket for her so she went around and just put her eggs in other kid's baskets, it was very cute!

I love this photo of her holding Daddy's hand smiling while we wait to get in.  We got a zillion compliments on her dress!

Sunday Tim left for Rome so we woke up and Rory looked for her Easter basket.  She was pretty excited about all the Mickey stuff she got.  It's looking like this will be the last year we can get the "Rory in her Easter Basket" shot!  But don't be surprised if I try! And yes, she is wearing Christmas Pajamas!

Rory did get to try M&M's for the first time.  I let her have about 8 and of course she asked for more for about 30 minutes!  She loved them!

By the way, I am starting a 60 day fitness challenge on Monday that I am really excited about.  More on that to come.  Yep, once again trying to do too much.  I know, I know!

Remember Rory's First Easter post?  She fit much better in the basket then!

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