Friday, April 19, 2013

Weekend with StuPop and Laura!

This week was Young Child Appreciation Week! Today was Rock Star Day! Here is my little Rock Star!

Although I hate when Rory is sick, I do appreciate the extra time with her. I was so excited to spend last Wed with her and then I worked from home while Tim took care of her Thursday and Friday. Saturday and Sunday we had a great time with my Dad and Laura (more on that in a minute), but I will say that by Sunday evening I think everyone in our house was sick of each other. Rory was being purposely defiant, I think she probably had 10 timeouts on Sunday. I think she was just bored after spending 5 straight days with us.
I was happy to send Rory to school on Monday. I loved the extra time with her but it was also a nice reminder that I chose to be a working Mom for a reason. Props to all you stay at home Moms, no idea how you do it.

Friday night we met my Dad and Laura at Mexicana Rosa for dinner. We had a great meal. Rory was a little bit shy but it was kind of loud in there and I think she was still feeling sick at that point.

Saturday I met my Dad, Laura and Ann at Goldy’s Run. Laura, Ann and I ran the 10 mile and my Dad did the 5K. My goal going in was to beat my 12 mile pace from the week before which was 11:18. I secretly wanted to get in under 11 minutes but I thought that was a lofty goal. Well, it turns out I greatly underestimated myself. I was able to keep up with speedy Ann for about 6 miles until I told her to go ahead and I would slow my pace a bit. At that point I think we were averaging about an 10:15 pace. I finished the final 4 miles just a touch slower and completed the race in 1 hour 46 minutes. That’s 10:36 pace! Yep, I am fast! Not really, but this was my 5th run of 10 miles or more and was my fastest pace! I think all this strength training is making me faster, thats the only thing I have changed in the last couple of weeks and I have seen a huge difference.

After the race we went to Lion’s Tap for a burger. I wanted to take them somewhere that was unique to the area and I needed something greasy after burning almost 2000 calories! For the rest of the day we just hung out at my house and played with Rory. Rory warmed up to both Laura and my Dad and had a great time!

Who knew my Dad and I both shared a love of the E.T. photo!

Sunday we met for breakfast at The Good Earth. It was such a fun weekend!

This week everything is back to normal in our house. Rory is as school, I am at work and Tim is one a work trip. We have a jam packed week ending with a shower on Saturday for Nicole and Baby O! I can’t wait!

Today is day 12 of my 60 day challenge and I am loving the Shakes and the program!  I've lost about 3 lbs already and can already feel a difference in how my jeans fit!  My last taper run is this weekend, only 8 miles!  And Nashville is 1 week away.  At this point I am way more excited for the Honky Tonks, Craig Morgan, Food and Friends then for the actual race.  But I am sure I'll get more excited as the week goes by.

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