Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Parrot

This is my parrot, Rory...

She repeats everything I say. 

Me: "Do You want to go the store Rory?"
Rory: "Store Rory"

Me: "Mommy is going to cook dinner now"
Rory: "Mommy cookie dinner"
Me: "cookING dinner, not cookie"
Rory: "Rory cookie"
Me: "No cookies for Rory, we are going to eat dinner soon"
Rory:  "Rory cookie"
Me: "Rory is having pasta for dinner"
Rory: "No, Rory cookie"

She sometimes just repeats the last word I say:

Me: "Rory, do you want milk or water?"
Rory: "Water"
Me: "Water or Milk"
Rory: "Milk"

Sometimes my parrot picks up on things that I say or someone else says and says it all the time.  The lastest is "Yeah Ok".  As In:

Me:  "Rory do you want to go to the park"
Rory (oddly said with a little bit of Canadian accent): "Yeah, OK"

Me: "Rory, time to get ready for school"
Rory (with even a bit more of a Canadian accent): "Yeah, OK"

The best is the 3-4 sentence words though, those make me so proud!  Even better when they are unprompted

"Rory is in the mirror"

"Mama get monkey down" (pointing to stuffed animal)

"Water for Willow" (pointing to Willow begging for water from the faucet)

and we get a lot of...

"Mama do it"
"Dada do it"
"Rory do it"

Although... I could definitly do without "What is this" being asked 100 times a day.  Its great that she is curious and sometime she is really asking and its legit, but if she points to the cat one more time and says "What is this" I'm going to flip!

Rory also points at any shirt I wear that has lettering and says "ABC".  We are working hard on DEFG.  She can point out O's and I's.  She knows A's and R's too but isn't quite confident enought to point it out unprompted.

She can count to 3, although sometime she misses 1, and sometimes she misses 3.  So I guess that actually means she can just say the number 2.

She can also do any animal sound under the sun now.  Including some obscure ones like Goat (Bleet), Snake, Alligator (Chomp) and Donkey.  She still thinks a Lion says ROOOOAAARRRYYY!  and Dogs go heh, heh, heh (panting, I had to google how to spell dog panting sound).

Rory also now addresses Mickey more formally as "Mickey Mouse" but she does still call Minnie, Meme.  You should hear her say Abby Cadabby, it is the cutest!

It really is amazing to watch her language skills develop.  She can pretty much express everything she needs to in words now and it allows her personality to really shine through.  Every single day she has new words from either school or from us.  20 Months is such a fun age!
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Recent Happenings...

Oh No, Its been 10 days since I last posted.  I think that might be a record.  I really have no good excuse or reason.  Sorry.  Worst Blogger ever.

This weekend I had the stomach bug from hell.  No joke, this might be the most sick I have been in 10 years.  I was literally in bed from Friday night to Sunday night moaning and groaning and hurting all over.  Tim is the best at taking care of me when I am sick.  Way better then I am in the reverse situation.  I always think he's just being a baby, which I realize is not nice of me at all.  He brought me medicine and ice packs and water.  He went to store and got me sprite and chicken soup.  He checked on me often to make sure I was ok.  And he took care of Rory ALL weekend.  She has a little cold herself and was up alot during the night both nights, so I know that wasn't easy.  She must be working on some more teeth.

I was a pretty bummed all weekend though, I had a bunch of things lined up that I wanted to do that I was not able to.  Saturday we were supposed to celebrate Ellen finishing her doctorate - Congrats Ellen! - but I had to miss it!  And Sunday was the Susan B Komen walk and I missed that as well.  Tim and Rory walked with out me though!  Aren't they cute in their shirts!

Last Tuesday was 30 days on my Beach Body Fitness Program!  I am feeling really great about the progress I have made.  I have more energy and feel stronger.  The numbers aren't truly reflecting my progress but I have lost 4 lbs and 1 inch so far.

Here's a few more pics from last week that I love that I haven't posted yet.

Rory actually got up the courage to step onto the first bar for the first time.  She was actually really proud of herself even though you can't tell here.

Ha, she was so mad because I told her she had to go down the stairs herself and she wanted me to carry her! 

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Nashville: Everything Else

Our trip to Nashville was not all about running, there was definitley some vacationing going on too.  Saturday after we napped and ate and felt human again we went out on the town. 

First was the Craig Morgan concert.  If you know me or read my blog you know that I love concerts.  When we got there we sat on the top level of what was really a very small auditorium.  I think I maybe sat for half a song before I had to go wander off to see if I could get closer.  I was able to get on the floor about third rown and took some awesome photos up close and personal. 

I am a sucker for celebrities.  I love touching them and meeting them, I think its the coolest thing.  Craig Morgan threw out his drumstick and a girl I had been chatting with and me both caught it.  She was gracious enough to give it to me since she said she lived in Nashville and got to go to stuff like that all the time.  I was so pumped.  He was signing all sorts of things so I was able to get it signed too. 

My favorite concert buddy Ellen was a little mad (sorry, I wander) I didn't bring her down to the floor right away but Ellen, Amy and Brenda came down shortly after me and we had a blast dancing and singing to Red Neck Yacht Club.  Craig Morgan puts on a fantastic show, I would recommend putting him on your must see list!

The other cool thing that happened while we were partying it up on the dance floor was we got to meet the Marathon 3rd place finisher Justin Gillette.  He was nice enough to answer the millions of questions I had about what it was like to be a professional runner and how it all worked.   He won 19 of 25 marathons last year!  He was not too happy with his time but blamed it on the rain - makes me feel better about my time, thats for sure!  Being a recreational runner it was really cool to meet someone that actually runs for a living.  And he has a son name Miles, which I think is awesome!

We then mosey'ed on over to Honky Tonk Row, but had to stop for a photo in front of the double tree first.

First we went to a piano bar.  I was a little annoyed because I wanted to go somewhere more country but we ended up having a blast.  I may have wandered away at this bar too, but this time I took Mackenzie with me! 

The next bar was the full Honky Tonk experience.  Great band, packed bar, people falling on the floor, lots of dancing.  We took a cab home, capped off the night with some pizza and went to sleep about 3am.  What a long amazing day!

Sunday we all took a tour of the Grand Ole Opry.  This was my second tour but I still thought it was worth seeing again.  There was a sad feeling in the air since George Jones had just passed away a few days earlier.  They had white flowers all over to honor and remember him.

After the Grand Ole Opry we went to The Bluebird Cafe (wearing the t-shirt now).  The line was really long and they pretty much told us we would have no chance of getting in so we bought tshirts took some photos and headed back downtown.  (I stole a lot of these pics from Mack)

Ha, Love this one too! 

We ended the night at Tootsies listening to some great bands.

Man, I love Nashville!  Great trip with great friends!  Wish I was back already!  Where are we going next?!?!

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nashville: Country Music Half Marathon

I am going to break my Nashville post up in two.  Mainly because two very distinct things happened in Nashville.  I ran my 3rd Half Marathon...and Honky Tonked it up with some of my best girl friends.  They both definitley need their own posts!

I was nervous for the half all week.  I get super nervous for big races for some reason even if I have done this distance before.  Then my stomach starts to get all weird.  Then I get even more nervous that my stomach is all weird.  Even Friday as we left I was so nervous.  We were watching the weather like hawks and the 80% chance of rain was not helping to calm my nerves! 

Friday we arrived in Nashville and had a nice lunch and then caught the bus to the Expo.  The Expo was fun.  I like nothing more then to be surrounded my running gear!  I didn't buy much but I definitley added bluetooth headphones to my wishlist!

Friday night we went to sleep pretty early because we had to catch the 5:30 bus.  I felt pretty awesome in the morning and was ready to get to that start line.  When we stepped outside to the bus it was already pouring but I was still trying to stay positive.  I've run in the rain before, right? I can do this.

Ellen, Anne and I snuck into corral 16 so that we could start a little earlier (sorry Amy and Brenda!).  The sounds and feelings of this race were different at the very beginning.  There was a constant rustle of garbage bags that everyone was wearing.  It was raining so hard I was worried the first mile that I was going to lose a contact.  My clothes were completely saturated and it had rained so much that it was impossible to not step in huge puddles and soak your feet.  We separated from Ellen before mile 1, and I ran till mile 3 with Anne before I lost her at a water stop. 

I mentally struggled from miles 3-6.  I was looking for ways out. If my contact fell out, I could quit.  If my knee starts to bother me just a bit more, I could quit.  Was that lighting, I can't run in the lightining.  But I kept going.  The volunteers, police, and spectators were amazing.  The signs kept me going at times.  The smiles kept me going at times.  My own inner dialouge kept me going at times.  The hours and miles I put into training kept me going at times.  My Run Now bracelet for Boston kept me going at times.  If ever there was a time to run... Run Now!

Around mile 6 I saw a little girl that looked a lot like Rory.  And I thought, Rory doesn't deserve a Mom who is a quitter.  I want to make her proud, so I kept running.

It got easier around mile 7.  I was over halfway and physically I felt great.  I started to look around at my surroundings a bit more and noticing all the cool things Nashville had to offer.  We ran through Vanderbilt and Belmont and through all sorts of neigborhoods and shopping areas.  Depsite the rain, it was a great tour of all of Nashville.  There weren't a ton of bands along the route due to the rain, but the ones that did show were great.  Toward the beginning there were two girls singing with umbrellas that were awesome, they were pretty much standing on the street and just belting it!

Around mile 10 I started talking to a girl running next to me.  I made a comment that we only had a 5K left and I could run a 5K in my sleep.  She said that was great way to look at it and told me that she likes to list off all reasons that she is doing this when she starts to feel like stopping.  So we decided to list a few reasons outloud to each other, complete strangers!  We both said fitness and health and our kids and family.  It felt good to recharge and then we parted ways and finished our own races.

At mile 12 there was a huge flash of lighting and thunder and everyone moaned and groaned.  We soon parted with the marathoners and it was fun to cheer and wish them well with the rest of their race.  The last mile seemed fast, I tried to finish strong and somehow I still had some energy left to sprint the last half mile.

My phone wasn't working so I had no idea how fast I was going.  I was trying to do the math and look at the clocks and I had set a goal to finish before 10:00.  I thought that would put me under my goal time of 2:23 - which was beating my fastest half.  I must have gone through the timings in my head 20 times during those last couple miles.  I finished at 9:57 but my math must have been off because I missed my goal by a little less then 2 minutes.

I am trying not to be be upset about it, running in the rain with all that extra weight slows down even the elite athletes.  I still ran every step and finished with a great time!

After we finished I was on a runner's high for about 20 minutes, but as my body cooled I became miserable and freezing in the pouring rain.  We had to wait for shuttle for about 45 minutes and I don't think i can even begin to tell you how miserable I felt in that moment.  I kept trying to figure out ways out of the situation, I was crabby and complaining and really not doing well. 

Finally we got on the bus and I change my shirt and instantly felt a little better.  Once we got back to the hotel and warmed up, ate and slept we all felt human again and very proud of our accomplishment!  Anne, Ellen and Lindsey also rocked the half marathon!  So proud of you girls!  We celebrated like rock stars that night - I'll tell you all about it later!

My Complete training plan...

What should I sign up for next?  I am thinking Minnesota Half Marathon on Aug 3.  Running is so addicting!

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