Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Parrot

This is my parrot, Rory...

She repeats everything I say. 

Me: "Do You want to go the store Rory?"
Rory: "Store Rory"

Me: "Mommy is going to cook dinner now"
Rory: "Mommy cookie dinner"
Me: "cookING dinner, not cookie"
Rory: "Rory cookie"
Me: "No cookies for Rory, we are going to eat dinner soon"
Rory:  "Rory cookie"
Me: "Rory is having pasta for dinner"
Rory: "No, Rory cookie"

She sometimes just repeats the last word I say:

Me: "Rory, do you want milk or water?"
Rory: "Water"
Me: "Water or Milk"
Rory: "Milk"

Sometimes my parrot picks up on things that I say or someone else says and says it all the time.  The lastest is "Yeah Ok".  As In:

Me:  "Rory do you want to go to the park"
Rory (oddly said with a little bit of Canadian accent): "Yeah, OK"

Me: "Rory, time to get ready for school"
Rory (with even a bit more of a Canadian accent): "Yeah, OK"

The best is the 3-4 sentence words though, those make me so proud!  Even better when they are unprompted

"Rory is in the mirror"

"Mama get monkey down" (pointing to stuffed animal)

"Water for Willow" (pointing to Willow begging for water from the faucet)

and we get a lot of...

"Mama do it"
"Dada do it"
"Rory do it"

Although... I could definitly do without "What is this" being asked 100 times a day.  Its great that she is curious and sometime she is really asking and its legit, but if she points to the cat one more time and says "What is this" I'm going to flip!

Rory also points at any shirt I wear that has lettering and says "ABC".  We are working hard on DEFG.  She can point out O's and I's.  She knows A's and R's too but isn't quite confident enought to point it out unprompted.

She can count to 3, although sometime she misses 1, and sometimes she misses 3.  So I guess that actually means she can just say the number 2.

She can also do any animal sound under the sun now.  Including some obscure ones like Goat (Bleet), Snake, Alligator (Chomp) and Donkey.  She still thinks a Lion says ROOOOAAARRRYYY!  and Dogs go heh, heh, heh (panting, I had to google how to spell dog panting sound).

Rory also now addresses Mickey more formally as "Mickey Mouse" but she does still call Minnie, Meme.  You should hear her say Abby Cadabby, it is the cutest!

It really is amazing to watch her language skills develop.  She can pretty much express everything she needs to in words now and it allows her personality to really shine through.  Every single day she has new words from either school or from us.  20 Months is such a fun age!
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