Friday, May 3, 2013

Nashville: Everything Else

Our trip to Nashville was not all about running, there was definitley some vacationing going on too.  Saturday after we napped and ate and felt human again we went out on the town. 

First was the Craig Morgan concert.  If you know me or read my blog you know that I love concerts.  When we got there we sat on the top level of what was really a very small auditorium.  I think I maybe sat for half a song before I had to go wander off to see if I could get closer.  I was able to get on the floor about third rown and took some awesome photos up close and personal. 

I am a sucker for celebrities.  I love touching them and meeting them, I think its the coolest thing.  Craig Morgan threw out his drumstick and a girl I had been chatting with and me both caught it.  She was gracious enough to give it to me since she said she lived in Nashville and got to go to stuff like that all the time.  I was so pumped.  He was signing all sorts of things so I was able to get it signed too. 

My favorite concert buddy Ellen was a little mad (sorry, I wander) I didn't bring her down to the floor right away but Ellen, Amy and Brenda came down shortly after me and we had a blast dancing and singing to Red Neck Yacht Club.  Craig Morgan puts on a fantastic show, I would recommend putting him on your must see list!

The other cool thing that happened while we were partying it up on the dance floor was we got to meet the Marathon 3rd place finisher Justin Gillette.  He was nice enough to answer the millions of questions I had about what it was like to be a professional runner and how it all worked.   He won 19 of 25 marathons last year!  He was not too happy with his time but blamed it on the rain - makes me feel better about my time, thats for sure!  Being a recreational runner it was really cool to meet someone that actually runs for a living.  And he has a son name Miles, which I think is awesome!

We then mosey'ed on over to Honky Tonk Row, but had to stop for a photo in front of the double tree first.

First we went to a piano bar.  I was a little annoyed because I wanted to go somewhere more country but we ended up having a blast.  I may have wandered away at this bar too, but this time I took Mackenzie with me! 

The next bar was the full Honky Tonk experience.  Great band, packed bar, people falling on the floor, lots of dancing.  We took a cab home, capped off the night with some pizza and went to sleep about 3am.  What a long amazing day!

Sunday we all took a tour of the Grand Ole Opry.  This was my second tour but I still thought it was worth seeing again.  There was a sad feeling in the air since George Jones had just passed away a few days earlier.  They had white flowers all over to honor and remember him.

After the Grand Ole Opry we went to The Bluebird Cafe (wearing the t-shirt now).  The line was really long and they pretty much told us we would have no chance of getting in so we bought tshirts took some photos and headed back downtown.  (I stole a lot of these pics from Mack)

Ha, Love this one too! 

We ended the night at Tootsies listening to some great bands.

Man, I love Nashville!  Great trip with great friends!  Wish I was back already!  Where are we going next?!?!

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