Monday, May 13, 2013

Recent Happenings...

Oh No, Its been 10 days since I last posted.  I think that might be a record.  I really have no good excuse or reason.  Sorry.  Worst Blogger ever.

This weekend I had the stomach bug from hell.  No joke, this might be the most sick I have been in 10 years.  I was literally in bed from Friday night to Sunday night moaning and groaning and hurting all over.  Tim is the best at taking care of me when I am sick.  Way better then I am in the reverse situation.  I always think he's just being a baby, which I realize is not nice of me at all.  He brought me medicine and ice packs and water.  He went to store and got me sprite and chicken soup.  He checked on me often to make sure I was ok.  And he took care of Rory ALL weekend.  She has a little cold herself and was up alot during the night both nights, so I know that wasn't easy.  She must be working on some more teeth.

I was a pretty bummed all weekend though, I had a bunch of things lined up that I wanted to do that I was not able to.  Saturday we were supposed to celebrate Ellen finishing her doctorate - Congrats Ellen! - but I had to miss it!  And Sunday was the Susan B Komen walk and I missed that as well.  Tim and Rory walked with out me though!  Aren't they cute in their shirts!

Last Tuesday was 30 days on my Beach Body Fitness Program!  I am feeling really great about the progress I have made.  I have more energy and feel stronger.  The numbers aren't truly reflecting my progress but I have lost 4 lbs and 1 inch so far.

Here's a few more pics from last week that I love that I haven't posted yet.

Rory actually got up the courage to step onto the first bar for the first time.  She was actually really proud of herself even though you can't tell here.

Ha, she was so mad because I told her she had to go down the stairs herself and she wanted me to carry her! 

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