Friday, June 21, 2013

Father's Day!

I am the worst gift giver of all time.  I am inconsistent and often give bad gifts.  I think I gave my Dad coffee for his birthday 5 years in a row.  I try to think of something thoughtful and can't come up with anything so I panic!  Every once in a while I hit the nail on head - My Mom LOVES her Birchbox!  Tim loved his sapphire cuff links last Father's day!  

I wanted to try to top last year's Father's day gift this year, and when I saw this Pin I had to do it!

I hummed and hawed over where to take the photos and what outfit Rory should wear, but eventually we settled on this super cute Gap Romper!  Rory and I were planning a morning at the Farmer's Market so I thought I would try to find a pretty background there.  That ended up working out really well...the Minneapolis Farmer's Market has an awesome garden section that made an amazing background. I love the way the brick and the flowers look! And I want that bench!

I had a cooperative playful toddler which made the photo shoot super easy!  Even my outtakes were cute.  Here are the 3 photos I ended up picking.

Oh, And the letters.  I was originally going to go to Michael's and buy a D and and A.  Then I realized I have and entire play mat that is made out of letters!  So I borrowed those for the day and the colors ended up working out perfectly with her outfit!

Rory picked out a card (Mickey Mouse of Course) and the wrapping paper (soccer ball mama, soccer ball), and we framed and wrapped the photos for Daddy!

I didn't want to bring the breakable gift to the softball fields so I took a picture of the wrapped gift to show Tim he had something waiting at home!

I think it turned out so cute!  Looks great in Tim's office!

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