Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears... Oh My!

Sorry, I couldn't resist the title.  I am cheesy at heart.

Last Friday was Rory’s very first trip to the Zoo.  I was so excited to take her.  We talk about animals all the time and she loves them in books and as stuffed animals so I thought she would just go wild at the zoo (yep, i said that).  I was excited to go with Amy and Calvin because we hadn't seen them in TOO long (but bummed that Meghan and Jack couldn't make it). 

I think her favorite animal that we saw was the bear.  She could have watched it all day.  The bear was quite close and was awake and moving around and HUGE.  She just stared, it was very cute.

Calvin and Rory also loved the Leopard.  Calvin yelled “Wake Up” and the Leopard actually listened.  So we got to see him move around a bit too.  They are so cool.

Calvin and Rory holding hands walking around the zoo was too cute.  And it made it easy for us to keep track of those two.  We did have a few incidents where they were not in hand holding mode at the same time, which caused some whining and maybe some tears (from Rory, not Calvin).  

The giraffe exhibit was the funniest part though.  Rory could care less about the Giraffes; she was more interest in dancing to the African music.  She loved it!

I was most excited for the farm for Rory to be able to pet the animals and see them up close.  Well, she was not a fan.  She would not touch the goats or the sheep.  She would inch her way closer and then run away.  Amy, Calvin and I all pet them and tried to show her it was ok, but she was having none of it!  Hopefully next time.  This was as close as I could get her to take a picture with the sheep, and you can see how thrilled she was about that!

The zoo reminded me how tentative Rory can be.  She looks to me for approval before she does a lot of things and often asks before she touches something. She will ask for help to climb or step up on a ledge area to see the animals too.  When she hasn't done something before she often gets nervous and will ask for help too.  She'll face and try new things but she is very cautious about it.  I'm guessing she gets this from me.

We bought an annual pass so expect more Zoo posts soon!

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