Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Birthday Week...

I am feeling grumpy about blogging lately.  I feel like this blog should be a journal of sorts for Tim and Rory and me but sometimes it feels like I have gotten too far away from that!  I will say this, I was having a conversation with one of my Mommy friends about baby sleep habits and I went and looked through the first couple of months of blog posts to remember what I was feeling, doing, experiencing during that time.  It was great.  It allowed me to better remember how it felt to be going through all that.  I have a toddler that is an amazing sleeper now and sometimes it feels like she was always like that.  How easy we forget!  Hopefully that means the Terrible Two Tantrums we are experiencing now will be a distant memory after another 2 years.

So anyway, back to point.  I'm feeling grumpy because I put stupid pressure on myself to post on here "entertaining" and "Value added" posts and I end up not posting at all.  So I feel like I am missing some of Rory's firsts or not expressing her personality through the blog.  Basically, not capturing the things that I want to remember because they aren't interesting enough.

Ok, enough grumpiness.  I'll tell you about our week last week.

First of all I turned 31.  Ahh, 31!  Seriously.  I am so grateful to be happy and healthy and alive...  But seriously lets slow it down a bit!

Tim and I had a great day on my birthday.  We golfed at Chaska Town Course.  (If you are in the area and golf, I would recommend taking advantage of their free round in your birthday month).  I actually golfed horrible, but we had a fun time!  I do admit that 18 holes is still way too many for me, I got crabby around 8 and wanted to be done!  Can't I just be a 9 hole golfer? We did not plan it, but we literally had matching Puma shirts.

On a side not, I am so sick of running that I decided to take the whole month of August off and focus on improving my golf game.  More practice time and more reading about proper swings etc.  I looked for clinics or lessons but nothing stuck out so I'm going to just do it all myself!  I vow to be a better golfer by September!

Back to my Bday... After golf Tim made me dinner.  He asked early in the week for a menu and I sent him this:

Lamb Chops
Potatoes (3 recipe options)
Green Bean and Mushroom Saute
Dessert from that amazing section in Byerly's

He succeeded amazingly!  It took him almost a full 2 hours to whip this up!

You'll notice canned cranberries in the photo.  That was all Tim!  They are my favorite food in the whole world!  They have to have the lines though!

Thursday I ran a 5K, the Espirit De She.  My goal for 2013 is to run a 5K under 30 minutes.  Well, this wasn't the one.  I finished in 30:45.  So close!  This was a really fun 1500 person race!  My first all women race, it was fun!

Friday and Saturday Rory and I stopped by the ball fields in Chaska to watch The Danes play.

And this happened.  Yep, I coached first base in a real live softball game.  By coached I really mean stood there scared out of my mind I was going to mess up the whole game or get hit with a ball!  I felt so close to the game!  I always talk about how I have never been on the field during a game, so Tim wanted to give me the chance to do that and he found the perfect opportunity in this game.

Here's a few shots of Rory having fun at the fields...

By the way, Rory slept till 10am on Saturday morning.  That's 14 hours.  I swear she woke up a 1/4 inch taller!  This is how I found her when I went in to wake her up. She loves to sleep just like her mommy!

Sunday we had lunch with Nicole and Abby at Kona.  I am obsessed with the Picasso roll.  I could eat it every day!  We took a nap when we got home and then went to Noodles for dinner.  And hit the soccer fields afterward to burn some energy!  Rory loves to kick the ball around.  Yes, her hair looks cray cray!

By the way, my plan is to take away Rory's pacifier starting Sunday - remember she has only had it in her crib at home since she was 10 months old.  The reason I am doing it this week is because Tim is out of town and I am convinced that he will drive to the store at 2am if she is crying and go get her new paci's!  

We are going to wake up Sunday and put the paci's in an envelope and deliver them to Abby the Baby... because Rory is a big girl and doesn't need them anymore and Abby is a new baby and needs her paci's (This is fake of course, so play along).  Then we are going to go to Build-a-Bear t0 get a brand new toy to sleep with in bed.  I'm fully expecting some screaming and crying the first 2-3 nights, but I think she'll be fine.  Right?  When I put her to bed last night and she was all comfy and happy to have her paci I second guessed this decision, but I am doing it, have to stay strong!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hanging at Starbucks...

Ha Ha!  Aren't we cute!  My new favorite thing to do is go to Starbucks and hang out on the patio with Rory for a bit.  I order her a small water and she feels so grown up drinking out of a cup just like Mommy's iced tea!  We talk about school, shoes, animals and the alphabet.  Whatever comes to mind.  Its a fun 15 minutes of quality time together!  Then she starts to climb off the chair and we head home!

Oops, i guess I am number 5 on this blogger list of Annoying Starbucks People.  For the record, Rory has NEVER had a Frappucino and only one or two sips of my iced tea!

PS - do you use iPhone Starbucks App?  I love it.  I'm proud to say I am now Gold Level! (That basically just means I go to Starbucks way too much!)

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Holiday Weekend and Terrible Twos!

We had a fantastic family filled 4th of July!  On the 3rd, Tim and I actually got to play a round of golf together!  It was the first time in over a year.  We had a fun time and it was nice to be able to have a little date time.  We have another date night this Sunday, going to see Bruno Mars!

On the 4th we went to the zoo.  Truth be told, Rory was kind of crabby (actually, I think we all were) all day which made it a little less fun then we envisioned.  But it was fun to see her recognize the animals from last time.  She was a little less tentative around the goats and the sheep but still wound not touch them or feed them!  This was about as close as she would get before she pulled her hands away and said "Mommy do it."

Friday I worked and then we headed to Sioux Falls, SD for softball.  In the past I have loved this trip because the downtown area of Sioux Falls is fun to walk around and I like Falls Park.  So I was excited that during down time I would have stuff to do with Rory.  On Saturday morning after practice Tim was able to go with us to my favorite restaurant there Phillips Avenue Diner.  

The food was great!  Rory was not quite cooperating for photos! One take away from this weekend is that I NEED to start carrying my DSLR around, these iPhone photos are just awful!  She is always blurry!

During the games Rory was a complete angel and sat nicely on the bleachers watching the game just like this...

...yeah right!  This lasted like 5 seconds!  She was all over the place for all 4 games that we got to watch Saturday and Sunday.  Running back and forth, climbing all over the bleachers, picking up disgusting sunflower seeds, throwing food, stealing our fans waters, yelling Hi Daddy.  

She was filthy after every game!  And the humidity is not this girl's friends!  Look at all those curls!  We had fun though!  We talked about the game and Rory cheered. I tried to keep her busy with marching around, reading books, visiting Tracey.  It was exhausting but a great experience for us!

Sunday we found a great little coffee shop Josiah's Coffeehouse.  It was one of those chalkboard menu places with an excellent bakery and great coffee.  I ordered an egg bake that was amazing and also splurged on a caramel roll for Rory and I to share.  At first Rory wanted nothing to do with it and then I finally told her it was bread and she had a bite.  Of course, she thought it was the greatest thing in the world... and she clearly thought I was being hilarious...

Overall we had a really fun weekend.  Rory had definitely officially entered the terrible twos though.  If you think you had a full 24 months before this kicks in, you are wrong!  Apparently terrible two phase 1 goes from 21-24 months.  Rory is whining and crying and throwing tantrums.  Testing her boundaries and limits often and trying find some independence.  

I love this article about whining from  It's written for a little bit of an older kid but I have used these steps and they work great! 

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