Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hanging at Starbucks...

Ha Ha!  Aren't we cute!  My new favorite thing to do is go to Starbucks and hang out on the patio with Rory for a bit.  I order her a small water and she feels so grown up drinking out of a cup just like Mommy's iced tea!  We talk about school, shoes, animals and the alphabet.  Whatever comes to mind.  Its a fun 15 minutes of quality time together!  Then she starts to climb off the chair and we head home!

Oops, i guess I am number 5 on this blogger list of Annoying Starbucks People.  For the record, Rory has NEVER had a Frappucino and only one or two sips of my iced tea!

PS - do you use iPhone Starbucks App?  I love it.  I'm proud to say I am now Gold Level! (That basically just means I go to Starbucks way too much!)

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