Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Holiday Weekend and Terrible Twos!

We had a fantastic family filled 4th of July!  On the 3rd, Tim and I actually got to play a round of golf together!  It was the first time in over a year.  We had a fun time and it was nice to be able to have a little date time.  We have another date night this Sunday, going to see Bruno Mars!

On the 4th we went to the zoo.  Truth be told, Rory was kind of crabby (actually, I think we all were) all day which made it a little less fun then we envisioned.  But it was fun to see her recognize the animals from last time.  She was a little less tentative around the goats and the sheep but still wound not touch them or feed them!  This was about as close as she would get before she pulled her hands away and said "Mommy do it."

Friday I worked and then we headed to Sioux Falls, SD for softball.  In the past I have loved this trip because the downtown area of Sioux Falls is fun to walk around and I like Falls Park.  So I was excited that during down time I would have stuff to do with Rory.  On Saturday morning after practice Tim was able to go with us to my favorite restaurant there Phillips Avenue Diner.  

The food was great!  Rory was not quite cooperating for photos! One take away from this weekend is that I NEED to start carrying my DSLR around, these iPhone photos are just awful!  She is always blurry!

During the games Rory was a complete angel and sat nicely on the bleachers watching the game just like this...

...yeah right!  This lasted like 5 seconds!  She was all over the place for all 4 games that we got to watch Saturday and Sunday.  Running back and forth, climbing all over the bleachers, picking up disgusting sunflower seeds, throwing food, stealing our fans waters, yelling Hi Daddy.  

She was filthy after every game!  And the humidity is not this girl's friends!  Look at all those curls!  We had fun though!  We talked about the game and Rory cheered. I tried to keep her busy with marching around, reading books, visiting Tracey.  It was exhausting but a great experience for us!

Sunday we found a great little coffee shop Josiah's Coffeehouse.  It was one of those chalkboard menu places with an excellent bakery and great coffee.  I ordered an egg bake that was amazing and also splurged on a caramel roll for Rory and I to share.  At first Rory wanted nothing to do with it and then I finally told her it was bread and she had a bite.  Of course, she thought it was the greatest thing in the world... and she clearly thought I was being hilarious...

Overall we had a really fun weekend.  Rory had definitely officially entered the terrible twos though.  If you think you had a full 24 months before this kicks in, you are wrong!  Apparently terrible two phase 1 goes from 21-24 months.  Rory is whining and crying and throwing tantrums.  Testing her boundaries and limits often and trying find some independence.  

I love this article about whining from  It's written for a little bit of an older kid but I have used these steps and they work great! 

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