Monday, August 12, 2013


Rory is officially 1 week Paci-Free.  Pacigate was extremely successful.  I kept notes throughout so I could tell you how it went day by day...

Just a little background, Rory has only had a Paci in her crib or on long car trips since she was 10 months old.  She naps at daycare on a cot without a Paci.  She take her paci out herself every morning and hands it to Paci Elephant with no issues.  So if there was a Paci-Dependent scale, I would say she was a 3 (10 being can't live without it), so needless to say, I expected this process to be fairly easy.

I did prep Rory for about 3 days before.  I read that toddlers, like adults, do better with change when they know its coming.  I didn't harp or dwell on the fact that she was going paci-free but I did tell her that she was a big girl and the it was time to give her paci's to babies that need them.

Initially I was going to take Rory over to a friends and have her give the paci's to a younger baby, but I wussed out at the last minute and shoved them in a drawer.  I told myself that if she cried for more then an hour the first night then she wasn't ready and I would give them back to her.

Sunday - Day 1
10am - First nap at home with No Paci.  Rory started crying when she realized their were no paci's in her crib.  She was yelling "Paci" for about 30 minutes then gave up and laid down and cried.  She slept till noon.

After her first nap we went to Build a Bear.  Rory walked up and down the rows of stuffed animals and checked them all out.  At first she grabbed a koala and then decided on a tie-dye bear.  We waited in line and then she put the heart in the bear and helped fill in the stuffing.  She didn't quite "get it".  I do think she is a touch young for Build a Bear but you'll see in the end we definitely got the results we were looking for.  I told Rory that she had to pick out PJ's for the bear because it was going to be her new stuffed animal for her crib. She picked out a pink t-shirt, a pink skirt and a headband.  Close enough.

Naming the bear was quite difficult.  I asked her if the bear was a boy or girl and Rory said "girl".  I rattled off girls names and she said No to every single one.  We sat down at the computer to give the bear a name and still had not come up with anything.  I told her to press a key on the keyboard and we'd pick a name that way.  She pressed CC.  "How about CC for her name Rory?"  "CC! Yay!"  She loved it!

4pm - First nap with CC.  Rory was so excited to have CC in her crib that she laid right down and went to sleep with no issues.  She slept till 6pm.

8:10pm - bedtime (a little late because of her late nap).  No Crying, no looking for Paci!  Excited to sleep with CC.  At 8:40 she was sound asleep and talking in her sleep about riding her bike.  Rory slept till 6am and then went back to sleep till 7:45.

After one successful night I tossed the 3 Paci's so I wouldn't be tempted to give them back to her if she had a tough time the next couple of nights.

Monday - Day 2

7:30 bedtime.  Cried for a full 15 minutes, I went in picked her up and comforted her.  I put Rory back down and she went right to sleep by 8pm.  At 9:30 I went it to check on her and she was sucking on her arm!  She moved it just before I took this photo.

Rory slept through the night and was fine.  In the morning on the way to school she said "Mommy, Where's my Paci's?"  I re-explained that she was a big girl and didn't need Paci's anymore and she said "OK"

Tuesday - Day 3

7:30 bedtime.  Rory laid right down with CC and didn't look for her Paci.  She whimpered a little bit but she went right to sleep.

(Ha, Ha that is exactly how I sleep!)

Rory has now gone 8 nights without a pacifier!  Overall I would say this was WAY WAY WAY easier then I anticipated.  I am so proud of her, she really did a great job handling the change.  I think having the distraction of the new teddy bear was key to the whole success.  Since she had something new in her crib that she loves it made it much easier to give up her Paci's.

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