Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm calling the Playground Police!

So we have had 2 playground "incidents" in the past week that I honestly had no idea how to handle.   It feels important, like its a fundamental parenting decision that will shape my child forever.  Very dramatic, right?  I'm sure I'll read this in a month or a year and roll my eyes at myself.

Well, here are the 2 incidents...

One day last weekend we took Rory to Staring Lake Park.  They have a little treehouse that has 2 little benches.  Both little benches were occupied by siblings.  A 5ish year old girls and 3ish year old boy.  Rory climbed up and tried to go in the treehouse and the little girl put up her leg to block her and yelled NO in her face.  Rory started crying and screaming.  Of course, she's 2.  

A couple days later we were at the park by our house and a little boy (maybe 5) was passing her on the stairs and got in her face and growled at her.  She totally freaked out (who wouldn't) and started crying.  The little boy laughed and walked away.

So the question is do you say something to the kid?  The parent?  Do you just walk away?  Do you tell your kid to stand up for themselves?  Do you just use the incident to teach them proper behavior.  Do you threaten to call the playground police (That's what my mom would do)?    

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  1. I've had something similar to the first incident happen to Calvin and I. The child's mom was even watching. I told Calvin to say "excuse me, please" and continue to walk up the stairs. The other child kept saying no and trying to push Calvin. I helped Calvin around the other kid, and then took him to a different area of the playground to play. Poor Calvin, he kept looking at me and saying, "no push, mommy." I think I would rather someone be mean to me than to my kid! How have you resolved incidents since?