Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas in Chicago...

I have the post Christmas blues.  Its not so much the actual holiday being over that gets me bummed but that we have to leave our family and friends and head back to Minnesota. 

We spent the first few days with Tim's family.  Enjoyed some Grandma and Pop, Aunt and Uncle and Cousin time.  This is the first year that Rory understood the concept of Santa!  It was fun leading up to Christmas to explain how Santa rides the sleigh to each house and bring presents and explain all the things about Christmas that are a given to even me!  


Christmas Eve Rory got to get all dressed up and go to church with the family.  We then stopped by the annual Christmas Eve party for a little while and still got an exhausted Rory to bed pretty late.

Christmas day we spent and my SIL's.  We had lots of cousin play time including some dress up!  It sure is nice to have older kids around that Rory can go off an play with!

We opened a ton of gifts!  Rory's favorite is her Figaro stuffed animal that she now sleeps with at night!  And My favorite is the Dunkin Donuts Chicago Coffee mug!

Thursday I went downtown with my Mom and Michael and Auntie Pam and we enjoy a great lunch!

Friday we went to the Children's Museum and Rory had a great time!

And we ended the trip hanging at my Mom's and got to see Nikki and Maddie for a couple of hours.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Dealing with Change...

Today is Rory's last day at her current daycare.  We decided to move her to Primrose School starting after the holidays.  I am excited and nervous and anxious about this change but above all I know that its a great decision for Rory!

I have always been someone who embraces change.  Change is fun.  Change can cause drama.  I like fun... and a little drama.  I usually don't get anxious or stressed about change. 

For some reason, this change was really hard for me.  And I think its because its not really a change for me, its a change for Rory.  And lets face it anything having to do with Rory involves heightened emotions.  For Tim and I we will drop Rory off at a different place, work with different teachers and experience a few other changes.  But for Rory her whole world will change.  Not just the physical environment will be different, the teachers the building, etc.  But the whole way of learning, structure of the classroom and daily routine will change.  I am anxious about how she will adapt.

I know you are probably thinking I am being dramatic.  And logically I know this.  I know that although this seems big now, in retrospect it will be no big deal.   But for some reason pulling Rory out of a place she is comfortable and thriving even if it is the best and right decision makes me have that anxious feeling in my stomach.  I told Tim I am going to get an ulcer over this.  

I think once today is over I will feel better. 

And the reality is Rory has adapted to every other change in her life like a rock star!

Rory knows that she is changing schools and is really excited about it.  At Primrose she will be starting Preschool.  So we have framed it that she is now a big girl and ready to start Preschool!  She keeps saying "I'm not a toddler, I'm a Preschooler." She visited the classroom and ran around the room looking at everything, washing her hands in the toddler-sized sinks and moving around furniture (there was a blue chair at the red table and she fixed it).  She loved it and didn't want to leave.

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