Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sesame Street Live!

Last Saturday I took Rory to her first Live show of any sort.  We went to go see Sesame Street Live!  Despite the possibility of utter cheezyness, I was super excited because well a) I love Cheezy and b) I knew Rory was going to LOVE it.  

This was also Rory's first diaper-free outing besides a quick trip to Target and a 45 minute gymnastics class.  I was a little nervous about using the public potty, etc and having a longish car ride to and from the show.  But Rory did fantastic.  She went potty twice there.  Both times she said "I leave, then you flush"  She is afraid of the super loud public potty's.  She had zero accidents!  (Actually by the time this posts she will be 5 days accident free - Go Rors!)

The show was awesome.  It really was fun and it was great to see so many kids dancing and having fun.  Rory and TJ had a blast and danced the whole time.  It was hilarious watching Rory copy TJ's dance moves.  I think they both really loved it!  

Here are some lovely iphone photos from the show.  

Man, Basketball players are HUGE!

Of Course we had to take a pre-show selfie

Rory got to eat Grilled Cheese, Chips and later cotton candy.  She loved it!

TJ wasn't too sure at first, but he LOVED it!

 Rory with Abby and Elmo in the background

During intermission Rory got her hair painted purple like Abby Cadabby.  She loved it!

The finished product!

Now they are really getting into it!

I let her pick one toy.  She picked a $12 soccer ball and has slept with it every night since.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The strange sleeping habits of a toddler

This photo makes me laugh so hard.  She should really use the space in her bed a little more efficiently! And how does she manage to mess up her blankets so bad every night!  Also note, she is sleeping on top of two stuffed animals, a sheet and her blanket, we do give her a pillow for just that purpose!  Her head is literally touching the top bars and her nose was about an inch from the back bars.  I could fill a whole blog post with all the crazy positions we find her in each night (hmm... not a bad idea). 

I did fix her after I took the photo, but like all good Mom's I grabbed my camera first!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 2 of CMM 2014 Half Training

This was a little bit of a rough week to get to the gym with work and Tim being out of town.  I got all my runs in.  Time to start increasing mileage.  I did do something this week I never do, I worked out in the morning both Tuesday and Wednesday.  I have to say it felt great and gave me a lot of energy for the day.  I think I might start doing this on days I work from home more often.

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  I had the day off and literally laid in bed all day.  Potty Party Weekend was exhausting.

Nada.  Too long of a work day to get to the gym.

3 Mile run at 10:36 pace.  Chalene Extreme workout video.  My triceps are killing me!

3 Mile run at 10:32 pace.

Movie and Pizza night with Rors


4 Miles @ 10:44 pace.  

I need to get faster!  Need to do some mid-week speed work.

Total Miles: 10
Total Workout Days: 3

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

#Selfie Saturday

They can't all make it on Instagram, so I thought we would post the leftover #Selfies from the week each Saturday!  Enjoy!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Potty Training Wrap Up

Monday was Rory's first day at school in underwear!  I dropped her off with an entire drawer of cloths.  I was SO nervous.  She was excited and felt like she had it!  I picked her up at about 4:50 and she had gone the WHOLE day without an accident until 4:30!  Holy Cow!  That was amazing!

She did end up having one more accident on Monday at about 7:00pm.  But I think it was partly my fault.  We were Facetiming with Rory's cousins and I let my guard down a bit and got distracted.  A few minutes after we hung up the phone, she said "Oh, No, I'm all wet."  I asked her what happened and she said "I didn't go in the potty."  So I think she got it and we moved on.  

Tuesday at school Rory had one accident at about 11am and stayed dry the rest of the day!

Then Wednesday... wait for it... she had ZERO accidents!  All Day Long!  Yay!  

I feel like on Monday afternoon Rory had an "ah ha" moment.  She is understanding what it feels like to have to go potty and able to control her bladder more and more.  I know there will probably be more accidents along the way but I feel like the hard part is over!  Big sigh of relief.  

A few photos from our Potty Party over the weekend!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Potty Training Day #2

Back to the party at 8am!

We had a healthy breakfast since I knew she would be snacking the rest of the day and we were off and running!

I decided to set the timer for 30 minute intervals in the morning and see how it went.  Rory did amazing!  She didn't have an accident all morning long!  "All Day Long" as she likes to say.  Before nap time we played in her room a bit.  She set up all her stuffed animals and read them a book.  Is this not super cute?!?!

After nap time, I decided to try a short outing to Target.  We went potty right beforehand and when we got into Target I explained that their was a potty there if she need to go.  Of course, she wanted to see it.  So we went into the bathroom and she tried there too, nothing, but I was glad to expose her to a public bathroom to get her used to that whole new world.   No accidents in the store.  When we were leaving I asked if she had to go potty and she said no.  We walked to the car and just before we got in she said she had to go potty.  So we went back in the store, and nothing.  I think she really just wanted to go back in, but that's fine with me.

After Target and dinner I decided for both our sake it was time to let her watch a little TV.  I was nervous that she would get so involved in the show she would forget about the potty and have an accident.  So I put on Curious George since they are only 10 minute episodes and asked her in between every one and took her into the potty every other one.  At this point she started getting a little annoyed with me but a little shake of the M&M bag and her interest was renewed!

We made it ALL DAY without an accident!  I was in complete shock and so proud!  Rory did fantastic!  We made a chart to track everything to hopefully give her a visual on well she was doing.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Potty Training Day #1

Hello There!  I want to tell you all about this awesome party I had this weekend!  There was lots of drinking, tons of snacks, and pants were optional!  Oh, and it was just me and Rory and 6 billion trips to the bathroom!  Yep, we had an all weekend Potty Party!

(for the record, I really struggled with whether or not to post this photo.  I wanted to at least post one photo since I use this blog like a scrapbook but didn't want to embarrass future 16 year old Rory.  Hoping this one is modest enough!)

Rory is now 28 Months old.  I have read TONS of things about how to know when your toddler is ready to potty train.  My philosophy was that I would rather change diapers for longer then clean up accidents.  I was in absolutely NO rush to potty train.  But, I also didn't want to miss my window of opportunity.  So when Rory started pooping on the potty almost daily and asking to wear underwear, I decided to jump on the opportunity.  A couple other readiness signs that I think are important are ability to take on and off their pants on their own, enough language skills to understand the basics and going periods of 2 or more hours keeping their diaper dry. 

To prep Rory for the Potty Party we started talking about it a week before.  She got super excited.  Excited for a party, excited to wear underwear, excited for a weekend with Mommy.  On Wednesday we went to the grocery store and I let Rory pick out a bunch of snacks.  Sweet and Salty to make her thirsty and keep the fluids going.  I also let her pick out a "special" treat for when she goes on the potty.  She picked peanut butter M&M's and we decided that every time she goes in the potty she would get 5 of them!

Friday Tim took Rory to the party store and she got to pick out 2 balloons for her party!  She picked Mickey and Minnie of course!  Tim also picked up some party hats and some Kazoos!

Saturday morning we woke up at about 8am and first thing went and tried to go on the potty.  Rory got to pick out underwear which she was excited about.  She picked Minnie.  We decided to go pants-less to make it easier for her to go potty but also I wanted her to feel the wet if she had an accident.

We started with setting the timer every 15 minutes.  We stayed on the wood floor and played with blocks and puzzles.  I asked her a lot if her underwear was still dry and if she had to go.  I think it was important at this point to be truly engaged with her and watching every second.  It was also important to be playing something that you could easily walk away from and then come back to so that she wanted to run to the potty every time the timer went off.  All morning she was excited.  And each time she did it she got better and better about climbing on the stool and pulling down her underwear.

Rory was double fisting water and milk and by 10:30 she must have had 18oz of fluids and had still not gone potty.  I started getting nervous so we set the alarm for 10 minutes.  At about 11am she had an accident.  She noticed it right away and said "Uh Oh, I'm wet."  We ran to the potty and talked about accidents and keeping underwear dry and she seemed to get it.  

We then ate lunch and tried a couple more times.  For nap time I put a swim diaper over her underwear.  My thought was that way its contained but at least she'll feel the wet.  As soon as I laid her down and closed the door I heard her say "I'm wet."  She had a very small accident but finished in the potty!  We celebrated like no other!  She got 5 M&M's as promised and a sticker on her sheet!

All afternoon she went in the potty - 5 times total!  No more accidents on Day #1! 

By the end of day #1 I was spent!  I did not realize how exhausting this would be for me!  Between forcing drinks on Rory, asking if she had to go potty, trips to and from the potty I had felt like I spent the entire day in the bathroom.  But the success so far was worth it!

So proud of this girl...

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week 1 of CMM 2014 Half Training

Hello There.  Did I tell you I signed up for the Country Music Half Marathon again?  I am super excited and training starts this week!  I am going for a new PR, which means faster then 2:23 or 10:53 pace.

This week:

Ran 3 miles as a 10:24 pace.  

Spin at Lifetime.  This is a class I used to go to ALL the time before Rory and I just LOVE it.  Live DJ and very enthusiastic participants make a great class!  First time back means my booty still hurts 2 days later!  

Chalene Extreme Burn Circuit #3 to get some strength training in.  LOTS of squats and shoulder work in this one.

4.3 easy run.  I may have eaten an entire bag of goldfish while working from home so I should have run 10 miles!  For the record an entire bag of S'Mores Goldfish is 21 points on Weight Watchers!  Almost worth it by the way, they are amazing!

Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line concert!

Saturday & Sunday
All day Potty Party means no time to go run.  In retrospect, I probably could have taken Rory to the indoor track at EPHS but I didn't think of it till this morning.

Total Miles: 7.3
Total Workout Days: 4

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Gram

Rory's new school gives Happy Grams twice a month. Here is her first one!

"Rory you are so curious.  You love to listen to stories and you enjoy art.  We love when you ask us questions on where, why and how with different things that happen in our classroom.  Rory, you make a great addition to our classroom."

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cabin Fever and Fever Bugz

Rory has been home sick since Saturday.  Its her usual cold turns into coughing turns into asthma with a little extra pneumonia and fever sprinkled on top.  She has been pretty miserable but is slowly getting better.  She was in good spirits and a really good sport all week.

We had to monitor her temp and meds very closely.  So we set up a white board and everything we needed upstairs.  Yes, we had 3 thermometers.  (Yes, I am a little neurotic, thank you).  Rory also wore a Fever Bug all week.  These things are so awesome for neurotic Mom's like me.  Although you still want to take your kids temp every so often, the bug is great to be able to just glance at it and see what her temp is.  Plus, she loved picking it out and didn't mind wearing it at all.

Rory got to do lots of things she normally doesn't get to to do... like eat breakfast while watching TV, watch TV in bed, and eat giant cookies...

 But of course she still had to do this, but you can tell she is smiling!

We did leave the house finally on Wed and went to walk (stroll) around the mall for a couple hours.  Does anyone else hate the process of putting toddlers jackets on for the walk from the car into the mall since they SHOULD NOT be buckled with them on?  Here is my creative parenting solution...

Mom of the year, right!?!  Just so you know, she was saying "Cheese" in the second pic and asked for the hood to be put up.  She also was yelling "Mommy Run, Mommy Run Faster".  She better get used to the cold, she does live in Minnesota!

We had lunch and ran around B&N for about an hour.  She talked me into 4 new books :'Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me', 'Polar Bear, Polar Bear', 'Monster Love" and 'The Penguin and the Pinecone'  We are very into Penguins these days.

This is a true Rory selfie at lunch, no help from me...
I bargained with Rory that she could play in the playground area for 15 minutes if she stayed in the stroller in the stores.  I wanted her to save her energy for the good stuff.  I did have some parents look at me funny because she had the fever bug on her forehead and was hacking up a lung, but I knew she was not contagious anymore.  Honestly, I would probably haven given some nasty looks if roles were reversed.  We ended up spending most our time climbing in and out of the rides.  She had a blast, came home and fell asleep for 2 hours!

Since Saturday I have watched the following shows:

8 episodes of Curious George
2 Angelina Ballerina Movies
Happy Feet - twice
Monsters Inc - twice
Monsters University 
A Turtles Tale
Surf's Up
The Lorax
LOTS of episodes of Little Einsteins
LOTS of episodes of Mickey

Needless to say it has been long 5 days!  Entertaining a sick toddler for 5 days is no easy task.  But I loved spending the extra time with her and being there to make her feel better.  Its really hard to she your baby so sick but she's getting a little better everyday.  

I was on the fence if I should send her back to school today but Rory was excited to get back.  This morning she said "Mommy, I want to go to my new school".  That little girl is something else!  

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Friday, January 3, 2014

On to 2014...

These are by no means resolutions, or even goals.  Just things that I want to do in 2014...

Run more miles
Last year I was a little over ambitious in the races I signed up for and I ended up bailing on 2 half's.  I have come to realize that 2 races is enough.  I am going to limit my long races to 2 a year.  Two half's, one in the fall and one in the spring.  Preferably races I travel to.  Preferably with my friends.  I didn't keep very good track of how many miles I ran in 2013 but my best guess is 505 miles.  In 2014 I'm going to keep track on Map My Run and blow that number out of the water! 

Go to More Concerts
From my count I went to 8 concerts in 2013.  Here's a list: Maroon 5, Bon Jovi, Craig Morgan, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Bruno Mars, Miranda and Dierks and Brad Paisley.  In 2014, I'd like to go to more.  I already have 4 on the calendar so that is a great start.  

Floss My teeth More
Lame, I know.  But this is actually the closest one to an actual resolution.

Blog once a week
I slacked off a lot in 2013.  I want to do a better job of capturing our lives on this blog.

Try new recipes
I cook a decent amount but I'd like to try to cook some new things this year.  Bake more, make more complicated recipes, etc.  Maybe work through a cookbook or a blog.

Install a Storm door
Not sure why our house doesn't have one but this is one improvement that is a must this year.

Install a new kitchen light fixture
Much needed.

Go on a Vacation with my husband
This is a tough one since we live in a different state then our family. But I would love to be able to get away with just Tim at some point this year.

Remember Rory is only 2
I get frustrated with the whining and crying and pokeyness and I need to work to be more patient and giving Rory a little bit more of a break - since, well, she is only 2.  I love the advice in this post.

Put the Phone down
We could all use a little less screen time in our lives.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

"I'm not a toddler, I'm a Preschool"

Rory started her new school this week with a mixture of emotions... from me that is, she was full of excitement!  Rory starts in the Preschool 1 classroom so we focused a lot on Rory becoming a big girl in the couple of weeks leading up to this!  Rory embraced this idea and was super excited. 

Day 1 drop off went way better then I expected.  I thought Rory would be clingy and maybe even cry a little bit, but she took off her jacket and gloves and explored the room.  I stayed for about 5 minutes and then told her I was going to leave to go to work and she said "Ok Mommy".  And that was it.  Easy Peasy.  

When I picked Rory up her teachers said she didn't cry all day and it seemed like she had always been there!  She made friends and participated in group time and music.  During music class she was trying to do some of the signs with the other kids, they said it was very cute.  

Below is Rory's sheet from Day 1.  Sorry if its hard to read.  One thing I really love about these sheets is that it tells you how much she ate, it helps me get an idea how hard to push the green beans at dinner!  And just gives me a better idea what she is really eating each day.

Day 2 was a short day but very successful.  When I dropped Rory off they told me that they were amazed with how Rory spoke in full sentences,which of course made me so proud.  But even better was that they said she is such a polite kid.  I mean seriously, is there a better compliment you can tell a mom?! 

Rory had a big milestone on Tuesday too (if you aren't a parent this may seem like TMI - sorry), she went Poopy on the Potty!!!  I couldn't believe it because she has been pretty resistant to the whole potty training thing so far, especially at school.  But it must be something with the way they presented it because she was so excited and proud of herself!  We celebrated HUGE when she got home.  I am so proud (parenthood is so weird).

Rory was pretty exhausted both nights and on New Year's Day.  I think a new environment and learning new things will exhaust her for a couple weeks till she gets into the swing of things.  So we are back to a 7:30 bedtime (we had bumped it back to 8pm for a while) and she falls right to sleep!

Other than the new school, Rory is loving her new toys from Christmas.  She is pretty obsessed with the stuffed cat Figaro as well as her 2 new baby dolls.  The other thing she is really into right now is Selfies.  No joke, she will bring me my phone and ask if we can take a selfie.  Here's a couple recent ones...

 Rory loves to tell us that she is a big girl.  The other day she said "I'm not a toddler, I'm a Preschool".  It was so cute.  I told her that a kid in preschool is called a preschool-ER and now she says "I'm a Preschool-ER Mommy".  Love this kid!

Here's another Rory quote from a couple days ago, I thought this was a hilarious word for her to use...

Rory: I don't like it
Me: You don't like the cheese?  Cheese is your favorite.
Rory: Its too tasty for me.

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