Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cabin Fever and Fever Bugz

Rory has been home sick since Saturday.  Its her usual cold turns into coughing turns into asthma with a little extra pneumonia and fever sprinkled on top.  She has been pretty miserable but is slowly getting better.  She was in good spirits and a really good sport all week.

We had to monitor her temp and meds very closely.  So we set up a white board and everything we needed upstairs.  Yes, we had 3 thermometers.  (Yes, I am a little neurotic, thank you).  Rory also wore a Fever Bug all week.  These things are so awesome for neurotic Mom's like me.  Although you still want to take your kids temp every so often, the bug is great to be able to just glance at it and see what her temp is.  Plus, she loved picking it out and didn't mind wearing it at all.

Rory got to do lots of things she normally doesn't get to to do... like eat breakfast while watching TV, watch TV in bed, and eat giant cookies...

 But of course she still had to do this, but you can tell she is smiling!

We did leave the house finally on Wed and went to walk (stroll) around the mall for a couple hours.  Does anyone else hate the process of putting toddlers jackets on for the walk from the car into the mall since they SHOULD NOT be buckled with them on?  Here is my creative parenting solution...

Mom of the year, right!?!  Just so you know, she was saying "Cheese" in the second pic and asked for the hood to be put up.  She also was yelling "Mommy Run, Mommy Run Faster".  She better get used to the cold, she does live in Minnesota!

We had lunch and ran around B&N for about an hour.  She talked me into 4 new books :'Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me', 'Polar Bear, Polar Bear', 'Monster Love" and 'The Penguin and the Pinecone'  We are very into Penguins these days.

This is a true Rory selfie at lunch, no help from me...
I bargained with Rory that she could play in the playground area for 15 minutes if she stayed in the stroller in the stores.  I wanted her to save her energy for the good stuff.  I did have some parents look at me funny because she had the fever bug on her forehead and was hacking up a lung, but I knew she was not contagious anymore.  Honestly, I would probably haven given some nasty looks if roles were reversed.  We ended up spending most our time climbing in and out of the rides.  She had a blast, came home and fell asleep for 2 hours!

Since Saturday I have watched the following shows:

8 episodes of Curious George
2 Angelina Ballerina Movies
Happy Feet - twice
Monsters Inc - twice
Monsters University 
A Turtles Tale
Surf's Up
The Lorax
LOTS of episodes of Little Einsteins
LOTS of episodes of Mickey

Needless to say it has been long 5 days!  Entertaining a sick toddler for 5 days is no easy task.  But I loved spending the extra time with her and being there to make her feel better.  Its really hard to she your baby so sick but she's getting a little better everyday.  

I was on the fence if I should send her back to school today but Rory was excited to get back.  This morning she said "Mommy, I want to go to my new school".  That little girl is something else!  

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