Thursday, January 2, 2014

"I'm not a toddler, I'm a Preschool"

Rory started her new school this week with a mixture of emotions... from me that is, she was full of excitement!  Rory starts in the Preschool 1 classroom so we focused a lot on Rory becoming a big girl in the couple of weeks leading up to this!  Rory embraced this idea and was super excited. 

Day 1 drop off went way better then I expected.  I thought Rory would be clingy and maybe even cry a little bit, but she took off her jacket and gloves and explored the room.  I stayed for about 5 minutes and then told her I was going to leave to go to work and she said "Ok Mommy".  And that was it.  Easy Peasy.  

When I picked Rory up her teachers said she didn't cry all day and it seemed like she had always been there!  She made friends and participated in group time and music.  During music class she was trying to do some of the signs with the other kids, they said it was very cute.  

Below is Rory's sheet from Day 1.  Sorry if its hard to read.  One thing I really love about these sheets is that it tells you how much she ate, it helps me get an idea how hard to push the green beans at dinner!  And just gives me a better idea what she is really eating each day.

Day 2 was a short day but very successful.  When I dropped Rory off they told me that they were amazed with how Rory spoke in full sentences,which of course made me so proud.  But even better was that they said she is such a polite kid.  I mean seriously, is there a better compliment you can tell a mom?! 

Rory had a big milestone on Tuesday too (if you aren't a parent this may seem like TMI - sorry), she went Poopy on the Potty!!!  I couldn't believe it because she has been pretty resistant to the whole potty training thing so far, especially at school.  But it must be something with the way they presented it because she was so excited and proud of herself!  We celebrated HUGE when she got home.  I am so proud (parenthood is so weird).

Rory was pretty exhausted both nights and on New Year's Day.  I think a new environment and learning new things will exhaust her for a couple weeks till she gets into the swing of things.  So we are back to a 7:30 bedtime (we had bumped it back to 8pm for a while) and she falls right to sleep!

Other than the new school, Rory is loving her new toys from Christmas.  She is pretty obsessed with the stuffed cat Figaro as well as her 2 new baby dolls.  The other thing she is really into right now is Selfies.  No joke, she will bring me my phone and ask if we can take a selfie.  Here's a couple recent ones...

 Rory loves to tell us that she is a big girl.  The other day she said "I'm not a toddler, I'm a Preschool".  It was so cute.  I told her that a kid in preschool is called a preschool-ER and now she says "I'm a Preschool-ER Mommy".  Love this kid!

Here's another Rory quote from a couple days ago, I thought this was a hilarious word for her to use...

Rory: I don't like it
Me: You don't like the cheese?  Cheese is your favorite.
Rory: Its too tasty for me.

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