Friday, January 3, 2014

On to 2014...

These are by no means resolutions, or even goals.  Just things that I want to do in 2014...

Run more miles
Last year I was a little over ambitious in the races I signed up for and I ended up bailing on 2 half's.  I have come to realize that 2 races is enough.  I am going to limit my long races to 2 a year.  Two half's, one in the fall and one in the spring.  Preferably races I travel to.  Preferably with my friends.  I didn't keep very good track of how many miles I ran in 2013 but my best guess is 505 miles.  In 2014 I'm going to keep track on Map My Run and blow that number out of the water! 

Go to More Concerts
From my count I went to 8 concerts in 2013.  Here's a list: Maroon 5, Bon Jovi, Craig Morgan, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Bruno Mars, Miranda and Dierks and Brad Paisley.  In 2014, I'd like to go to more.  I already have 4 on the calendar so that is a great start.  

Floss My teeth More
Lame, I know.  But this is actually the closest one to an actual resolution.

Blog once a week
I slacked off a lot in 2013.  I want to do a better job of capturing our lives on this blog.

Try new recipes
I cook a decent amount but I'd like to try to cook some new things this year.  Bake more, make more complicated recipes, etc.  Maybe work through a cookbook or a blog.

Install a Storm door
Not sure why our house doesn't have one but this is one improvement that is a must this year.

Install a new kitchen light fixture
Much needed.

Go on a Vacation with my husband
This is a tough one since we live in a different state then our family. But I would love to be able to get away with just Tim at some point this year.

Remember Rory is only 2
I get frustrated with the whining and crying and pokeyness and I need to work to be more patient and giving Rory a little bit more of a break - since, well, she is only 2.  I love the advice in this post.

Put the Phone down
We could all use a little less screen time in our lives.

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