Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Potty Training Day #1

Hello There!  I want to tell you all about this awesome party I had this weekend!  There was lots of drinking, tons of snacks, and pants were optional!  Oh, and it was just me and Rory and 6 billion trips to the bathroom!  Yep, we had an all weekend Potty Party!

(for the record, I really struggled with whether or not to post this photo.  I wanted to at least post one photo since I use this blog like a scrapbook but didn't want to embarrass future 16 year old Rory.  Hoping this one is modest enough!)

Rory is now 28 Months old.  I have read TONS of things about how to know when your toddler is ready to potty train.  My philosophy was that I would rather change diapers for longer then clean up accidents.  I was in absolutely NO rush to potty train.  But, I also didn't want to miss my window of opportunity.  So when Rory started pooping on the potty almost daily and asking to wear underwear, I decided to jump on the opportunity.  A couple other readiness signs that I think are important are ability to take on and off their pants on their own, enough language skills to understand the basics and going periods of 2 or more hours keeping their diaper dry. 

To prep Rory for the Potty Party we started talking about it a week before.  She got super excited.  Excited for a party, excited to wear underwear, excited for a weekend with Mommy.  On Wednesday we went to the grocery store and I let Rory pick out a bunch of snacks.  Sweet and Salty to make her thirsty and keep the fluids going.  I also let her pick out a "special" treat for when she goes on the potty.  She picked peanut butter M&M's and we decided that every time she goes in the potty she would get 5 of them!

Friday Tim took Rory to the party store and she got to pick out 2 balloons for her party!  She picked Mickey and Minnie of course!  Tim also picked up some party hats and some Kazoos!

Saturday morning we woke up at about 8am and first thing went and tried to go on the potty.  Rory got to pick out underwear which she was excited about.  She picked Minnie.  We decided to go pants-less to make it easier for her to go potty but also I wanted her to feel the wet if she had an accident.

We started with setting the timer every 15 minutes.  We stayed on the wood floor and played with blocks and puzzles.  I asked her a lot if her underwear was still dry and if she had to go.  I think it was important at this point to be truly engaged with her and watching every second.  It was also important to be playing something that you could easily walk away from and then come back to so that she wanted to run to the potty every time the timer went off.  All morning she was excited.  And each time she did it she got better and better about climbing on the stool and pulling down her underwear.

Rory was double fisting water and milk and by 10:30 she must have had 18oz of fluids and had still not gone potty.  I started getting nervous so we set the alarm for 10 minutes.  At about 11am she had an accident.  She noticed it right away and said "Uh Oh, I'm wet."  We ran to the potty and talked about accidents and keeping underwear dry and she seemed to get it.  

We then ate lunch and tried a couple more times.  For nap time I put a swim diaper over her underwear.  My thought was that way its contained but at least she'll feel the wet.  As soon as I laid her down and closed the door I heard her say "I'm wet."  She had a very small accident but finished in the potty!  We celebrated like no other!  She got 5 M&M's as promised and a sticker on her sheet!

All afternoon she went in the potty - 5 times total!  No more accidents on Day #1! 

By the end of day #1 I was spent!  I did not realize how exhausting this would be for me!  Between forcing drinks on Rory, asking if she had to go potty, trips to and from the potty I had felt like I spent the entire day in the bathroom.  But the success so far was worth it!

So proud of this girl...

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