Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Potty Training Day #2

Back to the party at 8am!

We had a healthy breakfast since I knew she would be snacking the rest of the day and we were off and running!

I decided to set the timer for 30 minute intervals in the morning and see how it went.  Rory did amazing!  She didn't have an accident all morning long!  "All Day Long" as she likes to say.  Before nap time we played in her room a bit.  She set up all her stuffed animals and read them a book.  Is this not super cute?!?!

After nap time, I decided to try a short outing to Target.  We went potty right beforehand and when we got into Target I explained that their was a potty there if she need to go.  Of course, she wanted to see it.  So we went into the bathroom and she tried there too, nothing, but I was glad to expose her to a public bathroom to get her used to that whole new world.   No accidents in the store.  When we were leaving I asked if she had to go potty and she said no.  We walked to the car and just before we got in she said she had to go potty.  So we went back in the store, and nothing.  I think she really just wanted to go back in, but that's fine with me.

After Target and dinner I decided for both our sake it was time to let her watch a little TV.  I was nervous that she would get so involved in the show she would forget about the potty and have an accident.  So I put on Curious George since they are only 10 minute episodes and asked her in between every one and took her into the potty every other one.  At this point she started getting a little annoyed with me but a little shake of the M&M bag and her interest was renewed!

We made it ALL DAY without an accident!  I was in complete shock and so proud!  Rory did fantastic!  We made a chart to track everything to hopefully give her a visual on well she was doing.

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