Thursday, January 23, 2014

Potty Training Wrap Up

Monday was Rory's first day at school in underwear!  I dropped her off with an entire drawer of cloths.  I was SO nervous.  She was excited and felt like she had it!  I picked her up at about 4:50 and she had gone the WHOLE day without an accident until 4:30!  Holy Cow!  That was amazing!

She did end up having one more accident on Monday at about 7:00pm.  But I think it was partly my fault.  We were Facetiming with Rory's cousins and I let my guard down a bit and got distracted.  A few minutes after we hung up the phone, she said "Oh, No, I'm all wet."  I asked her what happened and she said "I didn't go in the potty."  So I think she got it and we moved on.  

Tuesday at school Rory had one accident at about 11am and stayed dry the rest of the day!

Then Wednesday... wait for it... she had ZERO accidents!  All Day Long!  Yay!  

I feel like on Monday afternoon Rory had an "ah ha" moment.  She is understanding what it feels like to have to go potty and able to control her bladder more and more.  I know there will probably be more accidents along the way but I feel like the hard part is over!  Big sigh of relief.  

A few photos from our Potty Party over the weekend!

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