Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week 1 of CMM 2014 Half Training

Hello There.  Did I tell you I signed up for the Country Music Half Marathon again?  I am super excited and training starts this week!  I am going for a new PR, which means faster then 2:23 or 10:53 pace.

This week:

Ran 3 miles as a 10:24 pace.  

Spin at Lifetime.  This is a class I used to go to ALL the time before Rory and I just LOVE it.  Live DJ and very enthusiastic participants make a great class!  First time back means my booty still hurts 2 days later!  

Chalene Extreme Burn Circuit #3 to get some strength training in.  LOTS of squats and shoulder work in this one.

4.3 easy run.  I may have eaten an entire bag of goldfish while working from home so I should have run 10 miles!  For the record an entire bag of S'Mores Goldfish is 21 points on Weight Watchers!  Almost worth it by the way, they are amazing!

Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line concert!

Saturday & Sunday
All day Potty Party means no time to go run.  In retrospect, I probably could have taken Rory to the indoor track at EPHS but I didn't think of it till this morning.

Total Miles: 7.3
Total Workout Days: 4

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