Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 2 of CMM 2014 Half Training

This was a little bit of a rough week to get to the gym with work and Tim being out of town.  I got all my runs in.  Time to start increasing mileage.  I did do something this week I never do, I worked out in the morning both Tuesday and Wednesday.  I have to say it felt great and gave me a lot of energy for the day.  I think I might start doing this on days I work from home more often.

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  I had the day off and literally laid in bed all day.  Potty Party Weekend was exhausting.

Nada.  Too long of a work day to get to the gym.

3 Mile run at 10:36 pace.  Chalene Extreme workout video.  My triceps are killing me!

3 Mile run at 10:32 pace.

Movie and Pizza night with Rors


4 Miles @ 10:44 pace.  

I need to get faster!  Need to do some mid-week speed work.

Total Miles: 10
Total Workout Days: 3

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