Thursday, February 27, 2014

Week 5 & 6 of CMM Training

Week 5 & 6 of training were a little rough.  Rory was sick, then I was sick and then Rory was sick again.  Tim was also out of town.  I managed to get a few good runs in though including my 6 miler.  

Feels good to be getting the miles up!

I joined a dietbet which I am very excited about.  Eating right has gotten off track lately so I think the threat of losing 25 bucks will help me get back on track.  I need to lose 6.9lbs in 4 weeks - so by March 25th.  Very excited!  

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

But Mom...

This post is many weeks in the making.  Tim forwarded me an article with photos of toddlers screaming and crying with quotes of what they are crying about and I could not help but think "That's my life"  and so the "But Mom..." post was born.  After every photo I put the quote in my Notes on my phone so that I captured the moment exactly!  I see more of these posts in the future!

But Mom...

"I want to read Minnie Mouse on the Potty"

"I want to go to gymnastics RIGHT now" (Instead of after school)

"I want to eat the grape off the floor"

"I spilled my milk"

"Its not YOUR little pony, Its MY Little Pony" (I said to her "Where did the My Little Pony go?)

"I don't want to lay down, I'm not tired"

"Don't put lotion on me"

"I don't want to wash the glue off my hands."

"Where are my other bracelets"  (The two other bracelets are under the rug, she put them there)

"I want a jelly bean" 

"I don't want to go potty" (she said she had to go)

Got to love the dramatic world of a toddler!  All you can do is laugh.  

After she calmed down I showed her a lot of these pictures and she said "Why am I crying."  When I explained why she would often say "That's silly."  Looks like I stumbled upon a good learning tool!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Randomness

At dinner on Thursday night Rory was eating a hot dog with a pickle and all of a sudden out of nowhere she said: "I Sure do like pickles." Tim and I were laughing so hard.  

Then Rory asked if I would cut up her hot dog.  So I did and put it back on her plate.  She said "where did my hot dog go?"  She looked all around, under the plate around the plate.  She even had Tim fooled that she didn't know where it went.  I asked her "Rory are you messing with us?"  She said "Yes, my hot dog is right there!"

At my Dad's house, Mackenzie saw this photo up on a shelf and said "Aww Rors" and then realized its me!  I got really excited, it kind of does look like Rory doesn't it?  That's my Grandpa Sammy!

I got Rory this shirt from Zara in Chicago, we are both obsessed!

My new favorite thing to do is buy beautiful fresh Stawberries, Grapes and Blueberries and cut them all up and have them ready for the week! 

And I finally mastered Ritz Cracker chicken!  They key was to dip in butter instead of egg yolk!  Turned out so good!  I want to try other types of crackers now!

Happy Gram!

"Rory you are such a sweetheart.  You care so much about your peer's and teachers.  You are there to help your peers when they need help and you are always concerned about your teachers.  We love you Rory!!!"

My... I mean Rory's new craft box makes me so happy!  We've been crafting it up lately!

Sunday morning included watching Finding Nemo and making this fish.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

#Selfie Saturday

And the Gold goes to...

Matching Hats... again!

If all the snowflakes were M&M's and Milkshakes, oh what snow that would be...

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Party!

...or as Rory says "Balentine's Day".  I'm the Mom that always tries to get my kid to pronounce words correctly but I cannot get her to say the V in Valentine's.  Here's our conversation from this morning:

Rory: It's Balentine's Day!
Me: Great Job Rory.  But its a V like the word Vegetable. Can you say Vegetable Vvvvegetable?
Rory: Vegetable
Me: Great Job, what about Vet, like Willow's doctor, Vvvvet?
Rory: Vet
Me: Great Job.  Valentine's Day starts with a V like Vegetable and Vet.  Vvvvalentine's Day.  Can you say it?
Rory: Balentine's Day.

Ha. Sometimes I don't know if she is messing with me or not!

I went to Rory's class Valentine's Day Party today.  I was the only Mom that came to her class but she loved having me there and I was happy to make her feel special!  And she didn't cry when I left, she actually said "Bye Mommy, Happy Valentine's Day." 

We read a Valentine's Day book!  It was fun to get to know the personalities of the other kids a bit.  Rory is definitely the most outgoing but there is another little kid that I think is a little mischievous.  If those two team up I think those teachers are in trouble!

And they did a search around the classroom for all the hearts!

And colored Mickey and Minnie Valentine's Day Photos!

They made little Valentine's Day crafts...

And played with stickers!

Tons of fun for all!

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope everyone is taking a moment today or this weekend to do something special with someone they love OR for themselves!  Tim and I are celebrating on Sunday with a night in Minneapolis, can't wait!

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Favorite Weekend of the Year!

Last weekend was fantastic.  It is my absolute favorite weekend of the year!  It’s the weekend of my Dad’s play and it’s always filled with great friends and shenanigans.  You know how much I love Shenanigan’s.

On a side note – I am sitting here writing this blog at Starbuck’s.  I’m drinking a hazelnut latte and listening to the buzz of conversation.  I can’t help but think how happy I would be if this was my job,   writing and blogging.  That would be so awesome.  It is what I went to undergrad for after all.  But that’s neither here nor there. 

Back to Chicago weekend – You may remember me talking about this last year, but every year my Dad is in a play.  It’s a unique play in that it’s a fundraiser for the Bailiwick Theatre.  The actors actually go to an auction in the fall where they bid on their parts.  The great thing about the whole production is that it has been many of the same people for years and years and they have become little family!  Many of them were at my Dad’s wedding in December.  Seeing the play is mostly about seeing my Dad and Laura but it’s also fun to see Jill, Rusty and Amy etc.  It really is an awesome thing!  Did I mention I was in 2 of them when I was about 7 or 8?  I’ll have to dig up some photos one of these days.

Loni, Nikki and Amy have been to a ton of shows.  Here’s my best guess on counts:

Loni: 12
Nikki: 6
Amy: 3

Well, this year Mackenzie and Ellen got to experience it all for the very first time!!!

We all had a ton of fun.  My dad did great.  Laura had a huge part and did fantastic.

The play was the main thing that brought us to Chicago for the weekend but we definitely made the most of the weekend.  We hit up Eataly twice, went to Hangge Uppe, Had a drink at NoMi, shopped on Michigan Ave, went to a 30th bday party at Fatpour Tapworks, ate late night Chicago pizza, heard about 10 minutes of live music and Joe’s on Weed and had breakfast at Jam N' Honey.

I always forget to take photos till after we start eating.  Antipasti from Eataly.

Awkward angle at Eataly

Amazing pasta at Eataly!

Olive Oil Heaven

View from NoMi

Sorry girls - I had to post this because it makes me laugh so hard!

It was a fall asleep in the cab-exhausting kind of weekend!

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