Tuesday, February 25, 2014

But Mom...

This post is many weeks in the making.  Tim forwarded me an article with photos of toddlers screaming and crying with quotes of what they are crying about and I could not help but think "That's my life"  and so the "But Mom..." post was born.  After every photo I put the quote in my Notes on my phone so that I captured the moment exactly!  I see more of these posts in the future!

But Mom...

"I want to read Minnie Mouse on the Potty"

"I want to go to gymnastics RIGHT now" (Instead of after school)

"I want to eat the grape off the floor"

"I spilled my milk"

"Its not YOUR little pony, Its MY Little Pony" (I said to her "Where did the My Little Pony go?)

"I don't want to lay down, I'm not tired"

"Don't put lotion on me"

"I don't want to wash the glue off my hands."

"Where are my other bracelets"  (The two other bracelets are under the rug, she put them there)

"I want a jelly bean" 

"I don't want to go potty" (she said she had to go)

Got to love the dramatic world of a toddler!  All you can do is laugh.  

After she calmed down I showed her a lot of these pictures and she said "Why am I crying."  When I explained why she would often say "That's silly."  Looks like I stumbled upon a good learning tool!


  1. HAHA!! I've seen those posts you're talking about and your collection is hilarious. I find myself surprised at the little things that set off toddlers and bring them to tears. I sort of wish I had some of these of my as a baby! I bet some of them would still make me cry.