Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Randomness

At dinner on Thursday night Rory was eating a hot dog with a pickle and all of a sudden out of nowhere she said: "I Sure do like pickles." Tim and I were laughing so hard.  

Then Rory asked if I would cut up her hot dog.  So I did and put it back on her plate.  She said "where did my hot dog go?"  She looked all around, under the plate around the plate.  She even had Tim fooled that she didn't know where it went.  I asked her "Rory are you messing with us?"  She said "Yes, my hot dog is right there!"

At my Dad's house, Mackenzie saw this photo up on a shelf and said "Aww Rors" and then realized its me!  I got really excited, it kind of does look like Rory doesn't it?  That's my Grandpa Sammy!

I got Rory this shirt from Zara in Chicago, we are both obsessed!

My new favorite thing to do is buy beautiful fresh Stawberries, Grapes and Blueberries and cut them all up and have them ready for the week! 

And I finally mastered Ritz Cracker chicken!  They key was to dip in butter instead of egg yolk!  Turned out so good!  I want to try other types of crackers now!

Happy Gram!

"Rory you are such a sweetheart.  You care so much about your peer's and teachers.  You are there to help your peers when they need help and you are always concerned about your teachers.  We love you Rory!!!"

My... I mean Rory's new craft box makes me so happy!  We've been crafting it up lately!

Sunday morning included watching Finding Nemo and making this fish.

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