Thursday, February 6, 2014

Monster Valentines!

Every once in a while I get a little crafty. I saw this Pin on Pinterest and could not help myself. Last year I sent lame Mickey Mouse Valentines so I thought I would up our game a little bit this year. Please note that Rory only has to bring 8 Valentines, if she had to bring many more I would for sure be buying store bought ones again!

I folded the cards and cut the hearts, Rory picked the pipe cleaners and eyes and we glued them on together. It was a great activity to keep both of us busy during the Superbowl.

The glue didn't quite dry as clear as I would have hoped but I think they still look pretty cute! I'm pretty sure the toddlers in Rory's class won't mind a few glue stains!

Next step is to sign them all which we will work on next Monday thru Wednesday. We have been working on spelling, recognizing and writing Rory's name. She cannot write it yet, but she makes four vertical lines and says "R-O-R-Y"! Its a start!

We made quite a mess but it was a lot of fun. I should do really do more crafts with Rory! We color a ton, but with Pinterest there are so many easy, great, creative ideas out there! I like this one and this one for VDay a lot too!

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