Thursday, February 6, 2014

I got a haircut, haircut, haircut

I struggle with what to do with Rory's hair.  She has a lot of it and its curly, which I love, but I've been struggling for like a month if I should get it cut or just keep letting it grow.  

The first 2 times I took her to get her hair cut they were no help in terms of advice.  Granted she had a lot less hair, but still.  Well, luckily I hit the Kid's Hair Stylist jackpot this time.  The stylist who cut her hair was wonderful. I knew Rory had to get her hair evened out but I wasn't sure if that meant cutting it into a bob (gasp), pixie (gasp again) or getting a trim or somewhere in between.  My hope was somewhere in between.  

Well, she helped us find a happy medium where the back is almost all the same length (below her shoulder blade) while the front catches up (at her chin).  Her hair looks so much healthier and better and no more mullet.  

Rory loved getting her haircut.  When I told her where we were going she kept saying, well singing, "I'm going to get a haircut, haircut, haircut."  She blew bubbles the entire time (why do kids insist on putting their mouth on the bubble wand) and tried to look at me wherever I was sitting.  When we were done she got a sticker, a sucker and "tinkerbell" sparkles in her braid.  She loved all of it!

When we were leaving she was going to put on her jacket as I was paying and she carefully put her sucker on the carpet temporarily to have her hands free to put her jacket on.  Since I wasn't looking, another mother in the waiting room swooped in to the rescue so that Rory did NOT put it back in her mouth.  Ha ha, I understand she didn't want to lose her sucker but we have to work on what is clean vs dirty!  Takes an Army I guess.  Probably wouldn't have been the first or last time she would have put something in her mouth from the ground.  She did get a brand blue sucker!

The blue tongue kind of brings out the grey in her eyes!

She ate it all on the ride home and immediately ran inside and wanted to look in the mirror at her tongue!

As she was falling asleep last night we heard her on the monitor singing "I got a haircut, haircut, haircut,  I got a haircut." Awesome!

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