Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Party!

...or as Rory says "Balentine's Day".  I'm the Mom that always tries to get my kid to pronounce words correctly but I cannot get her to say the V in Valentine's.  Here's our conversation from this morning:

Rory: It's Balentine's Day!
Me: Great Job Rory.  But its a V like the word Vegetable. Can you say Vegetable Vvvvegetable?
Rory: Vegetable
Me: Great Job, what about Vet, like Willow's doctor, Vvvvet?
Rory: Vet
Me: Great Job.  Valentine's Day starts with a V like Vegetable and Vet.  Vvvvalentine's Day.  Can you say it?
Rory: Balentine's Day.

Ha. Sometimes I don't know if she is messing with me or not!

I went to Rory's class Valentine's Day Party today.  I was the only Mom that came to her class but she loved having me there and I was happy to make her feel special!  And she didn't cry when I left, she actually said "Bye Mommy, Happy Valentine's Day." 

We read a Valentine's Day book!  It was fun to get to know the personalities of the other kids a bit.  Rory is definitely the most outgoing but there is another little kid that I think is a little mischievous.  If those two team up I think those teachers are in trouble!

And they did a search around the classroom for all the hearts!

And colored Mickey and Minnie Valentine's Day Photos!

They made little Valentine's Day crafts...

And played with stickers!

Tons of fun for all!

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope everyone is taking a moment today or this weekend to do something special with someone they love OR for themselves!  Tim and I are celebrating on Sunday with a night in Minneapolis, can't wait!

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