Thursday, February 27, 2014

Week 5 & 6 of CMM Training

Week 5 & 6 of training were a little rough.  Rory was sick, then I was sick and then Rory was sick again.  Tim was also out of town.  I managed to get a few good runs in though including my 6 miler.  

Feels good to be getting the miles up!

I joined a dietbet which I am very excited about.  Eating right has gotten off track lately so I think the threat of losing 25 bucks will help me get back on track.  I need to lose 6.9lbs in 4 weeks - so by March 25th.  Very excited!  

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  1. I hate how you can get sick after just being sick. WTH! It's not right. 6.9 lbs in 4 weeks doesn't sound unrealistic, but it is a lot of work- you can do it!!

  2. Thanks! I'm digging this dietbet site! This winter its hard to see where one cold stops and another begins!