Friday, March 28, 2014

Alpaca or Llama

We had a fun weekend last weekend.  My mom and Michael came to visit and keep us company while Tim was out of town for work.

There was a lot of playing and fun!

Michael bought Rory a new stuffed animal that she is obsessed with.  The stuffed animal was bought at a store called Alpaca Connection.  But for some reason Rory gets really upset when I call it an Alpaca.  She insists its a Llama.  "Its a Llama Mom!"

Not really that much of a difference actually.

A few more shots from the weekend. Dinner at Tavern 4&5.  I had walleye, so good.

Monday I worked from Barnes and Noble in the mall and My Mom and Michael took Rory to Sea Life.  They all loved it!  They got Rory this awesome sweatshirt and a turtle puppet.

AND it was actually nice enough to go to the park last week!  For the record I don't make Rory wear her helmet on the slide, she did NOT want to take it off!

Rory is getting really good at her scooter!

And I don't think I posted Rory latest Happy Gram!

"Rory was such a great friend.  When a friend was sad Rory went up to that friend so they could play together and her friend got happy.  This was wonderful :)"

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1 comment:

  1. She has the biggest smile, that Rory! I didn't realize how closely apaca's and llamas resembled each other. Have a great weekend!