Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Something really cool is starting to happen.  Rory's starting to make up words and stories.  Her creativity is blossoming.  Its amazing to see her go from a cooing baby, to a mimicking toddler to speaking full sentences as she observes the world around her.  But now she has added a little bit of imagination and creativity.  Her personality just gets better and better!

Rory loves to read stories.   There many books that we have read to her so many times that she knows the general story but maybe not every word (there are those books too).  But the ones where she just knows the gist, she loves to "read" those.  She makes up the story as she goes by using the pictures, what happened in her day and the storyline.  Its awesome to see.  She does this all the time now.  In the car, at home playing, before bed.  

Today we went to the mailbox (I can see the surprised look on Tim's face as he read that) and when she was bummed that their wasn't any mail for her (I mean who isn't) I gave her a Hannah Andersson magazine to read.  

Here's what happened...

The combination of the leg crossing and the "story" she made up on the fly is just awesome.  On the bathing suit page she says "I go swimming with Mommy."  She says "I like to play with dresses and pants..." turns page "and shirts."  At the end before requesting hot chocolate..."Thats what the stories about."

Rory has also started making up words.  She came home from school saying "tova tatto" and "teeva tatto."  She said them with such conviction that I kept asking her what they meant.  Are those new words you learned at school?  Are they teaching you Spanish?  Am I just not understanding you?  After about 20 minutes of this, Rory said "No Mommy, they are silly words that I like saying."  

I'm still going to ask at school tomorrow.

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  1. What an imaginative little girl! I love that you encourage and value her creativity. She can do anything and go anywhere in life with that kind of support