Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Running, Running, Running.  I've gotten all my short and long runs in and I've been getting faster and faster.  I even got to run outside once.  I ran in circles around my neighborhood because not all the sidewalks are maintained but at least I was outside!

I have been logging all my runs on Map My Run and I just found the monthly view on their website and I am obsessed!  This is way better then my Spreadsheet!  And that's saying a lot because I love my spreadsheet.  

Only 6 more weeks till Nashville!  I could not be more excited.

I wish I was getting out of town sooner though!  I could really use a vacation.  And to see a beach!

Last week I was Lucky enough to go to the Lucky CD Release party for one of my favorite bands Rocket Club with one of my favorite people Mackenzie!   We had such a blast!  We started with cherrybombs, flatbread, sushi and postickers at Loring Pasta Bar.  We got really close to the stage and soaked in how awesome the whole experience was.  We also got screamed at by some crazy bad concert goer.  It was hilarious.  Fun, fun, fun!

For some reason I had to take a full length blurry photo in the bathroom of us.  This bathroom did win the 2013 best bathroom!

We ended up getting really really close to the stage!  The show awesome.  Chris Hawkey is awesome!

So much great music and passion.  They are an awesome band.  This was their one and only show for the year and they are taking a break the rest of 2014.  There was a little bit of buzz throughout the crowd that this would be their last show ever.  Their last song on this Album is called Lucky and these are the lyrics...

One last trip around the sun
The end of what had just begun
We hit some bumps but sure had fun
We want to thank you for the ride

We said our piece and made some noise
Six grown men playing like boys
There's a thousand mental Polaroids 
That we'll keep inside

Sounds kind of like they are done right?  But when I got to meet them, I did ask if we would see them in 2015 and they said Yes!  So I'm just going to believe that until I hear differently!

If you are even the slightest country fan I would recommend downloading the Lucky CD it really is amazing!  Each song is better then the next!  If you want to start with just one  or two go with Now Here This or Tank Top.

You can call me cheesy all you want for the following photo collage, but I loved meeting Chris, Don and Luke!

Winter concert season is over so here is my new top 10 list!  So far this year I have gone to - Rocket Club, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, and Big and Rich.

On another note, I'm done with winter.  I put away my winter jacket and I'm boycotting hats and gloves no matter what.  Of course, it was snowing this morning and I slipped WHILE HOLDING RORY!  Thats my worst fear.  Luckily my awesome Mom reflexes kicked in and I caught myself with the arm she wasn't in.  We are both fine!  Rory laughed at me and said "what happened Mommy?"

 Did I mention I'm ready for spring to be here already!

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  1. You were so close to the action I cant believe it. WOW! lol @ you putting your winter stuff away. I was just complaining on another blog about not using my winter stuff because we've had the winter of heat waves in California. I realize we're spoiled, but a little bit of winter would be so nice! Everyone's running around yelling "drought, drought!"